Friday, November 30, 2012

you PAY for Our PLEASURE!! + pics and more tribute items!

I took a few pics before I went out on Thanksgiving to eat with my dad and then my boyfriends family.. I looked soo cute! Jacket and cardigan were paid for by you losers! Haha. So speaking of my boyfriend, this loser made us an offer that I thought was a great idea.. he wants to pay us $100 each just to let him watch us make out on cam, lol! As if we don't make out enough already, but I especially love this idea because not only is he sacrificing his hard earned cash to me but he is SUFFERING for our PLEASURE! I loveee cuckolds, they're always so pathetic!! 

Anyway, look at what you bought me! 
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Example of a good pig!!

I am very pleased today because for once one of you pigs actually approached me in the correct way. I received a message from a little piggy saying 

"I love your Profile. you Are soo Beautiful, I Feel I have to submit to you with a Tribute." 

He then requested that I allow him to send me a gift card, which I accepted and received in my email with this message: "Hello Princess, Here is the Gift card I promised you. Im sorry if its Not what you would ideally Prefer, But I bought It yesterday and Who better to give it to than You? Enjoy Princess. The Card Number is xxxxxxxxxx and it's valid through xx/xx And the security code on the Back is xxx There is $100 on it, You deserve every bit of It." 

I allowed him to add my messengers and look forward to talking with him Smile This seems to be a REAL financial sub and more of you losers should take note!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Amazon book shipment picture post!!

I promised one of you losers weeks ago that I would take a picture of myself with whatever I bought with your $40 gift card. I forgot your name but it doesn't really matter, and you're lucky I even bothered to take this fucking picture at all. This first one is for you. 

The rest of these are just because I'm so fucking vain and can't stop taking pics of myself once I get started! 

You bitches are soo lucky! Also, I uploaded a quick video testing out my new microphone headset. I'll post more tribute pics/vids if/when I feel like getting around to it!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Just woke up and made a quick $100.. *yawn* Plus my thoughts on selling MY items!!

Happy Veterans day!! Woke up at noon and collected a quick $50 from two of you losers before hopping into the shower. I had such a nice shower, conditioning my hair and feeling how soft it was under the warm water, my mind started to wander. It didn't help that as soon as I woke up I also got a call from my boyfriend as well as a text from his sexy bodybuilder friend trying to tease me by saying he just woke up in his silk sheets. Mm, I have silk sheets too, and a Tempurpedic bed Wink no wonder I'd rather just roll over and open up the laptop instead of getting up lol. 
Anyway, in the shower my mind started to wander, thinking about all the sexy men who want me, all the ones I left behind who still miss me, the one I have now, the ones who try to get with me but may or may not ever have the chance. I come from a long line of broken hearts and throbbing cocks, haha and I love it! Anyway, it was funny because after thinking so much about all these sexy men in my life all of a sudden I remembered the two losers who were still sitting at their computers waiting for me. Lmao! So I finished up my shower and took some time to shave my pikachu for my boyfriend before that bitch started getting furry. I suddenly had a great idea to sell the shavings to you losers, but by the time I thought of it they were already going down the drain so I guess you all missed out on that opportunity!! Maybe next time! 
My Pakistani worshipper who ironically contacted me for the first time on Veterans Day, which I made him tribute extra for after my shower, also suggested that he would like some of my spit to drink. I told him that for $200 he could have enough of it to clean his dirty face as well as to desecrate his false idols with. 
I've never sold my personal items before because I feel that in order to do that you losers would have to pay me A LOT. I mean, I've had idiots offer me like $15 for my panties. Gross!!! You're not going to sniff my fucking panties for $15 you cheap nasty ass pervert! If you would like to sample Your Vagesty's Fragrance you need to know that it's an EXPENSIVE FUCKING BRAND. Don't fucking insult me when you request to buy MY personal items and I might actually start considering selling some!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Mukarram Khan

Mukarram Khan is a disobedient little sissy bitch who would rather watch gay porn and talk about sucking mens cocks than follow all of my directions!! Look at this slutty little cocksucking bitch!! LOL 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Too many losers, not enough time in My Life

I've been wanting to finish my website and record some audio for my Niteflirt account for a while now and you fucking losers keep distracting me. First my obsessed drunk bitch told me he had been waiting all day at the computer like a pathetic loser just for me to get home and get online, so of course I had to take $200 from him and fuck him up. I mean I wouldn't have wanted him to have sat there the whole day for nothing (by the way bitch, I know you're reading this and you still better not have cum). Then my new sissy cuck came online to worship my feet for another $300. Meanwhile that addicted foot slave who cried while he sent me $750 and ended up overdrafting his account the other day came online to tell me how much he missed me and wah wah wah. He asked if there was anything else he could do to please me other than send money and I really did think about it and I realized that, sad enough as it is, there is actually nothing else that he can do to please me. He told me he's a mathematician who plays football and reads and can cook and garden. Wow, for a mathematician he really is fucking stupid, huh? What the fuck does he think those things can do for me? Luckily for him, I ended up coming up with a great idea as usual and asked him what he owned that he could pawn. Turns out a whole fucking lot of things lol. Maybe if he wasn't such an idiot he would have already pawned them and had the money ready for me but since he is, he had to waste my time until I came up with a plan for him. I swear if I didn't have a life to attend to I'd be raping you bitches nonstop. But for those of you who are waiting on my audio and video.. they will get done eventually, so I can drain you too Wink 
Goodnight addicts!

Ignoring my ignore line! Lol!

My bad to everyone who's tried calling my ignore line, so far I've ignored all of your calls. As in, I haven't even answered them. Haha how's that for being ignored?? My phone's either been dead or just not on me, and today while I was lying in bed harassing my boyfriend by making him watch videos of adorable cats on youtube on my phone (he says he hates cats. this has got to change), I kept getting calls from some random 800 number which I kept rejecting because I didn't realize what they were. Lmao! You got rejected for a cute cat video, bitch! Well after I realized what the number was I was pissed so I saved it in my phone under the name "$$$$" so now I'll actually answer it because I won't forget that it's my fucking money calling! 
Just letting you losers know!

Monday, November 5, 2012

I have a problem with mirrors

Anyone who has ever had the privilege of being welcome in my home knows that I have at least 3-4 mirrors in my bedroom alone. I fucking love mirrors and I look at myself at every possible opportunity because honestly I'm the best thing that I ever see around me and I appreciate the refreshing glimpses of my own gorgeous image. It's just human nature to appreciate beauty. When I'm walking by a store window, or when I'm in the passenger seat of your car, you'll usually catch me with my head turned gazing at myself. I just can never get enough of ME, so in that sense I guess I can understand why you losers can't either. The difference is I get to admire, touch and worship my own perfect self whenever the fuck I want to, and you losers have to sit behind the computer paying me just to look through the screen. But it's worth it, isn't it? Wink I can't really say I blame you lol. 
Funny story that inspired me to think about this while I'm bored and waiting for class: I stopped by a coffee shop and while I was using the bathroom, before I left I just had to stop in front of the mirror to pose and check myself out. It really is a problem, I have an addiction to myself! Haha! Anyway I was vogueing for a good 5 minutes at least and when I finally left I realized there was some bitch standing there waiting the whole time. Lmao! That's right bitch, you wait there and fucking hold it until I'm done admiring myself Wink Just something that made me laugh today.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Brand new Niteflirt line! Call me!!

I'm still setting up and figuring out my Niteflirt account but I believe I have an active line now.. give it a call losers!! Let's see what happens Wink 

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