Saturday, May 25, 2013

Collection of Thoughts

While I'm here browsing forums, waiting for my boyfriend to finish cooking and his sister and her boyfriend to come over for dinner, it occurred to me that I've stated a lot of good points and opinions that probably haven't been seen by many people because, lets face it, how many of you are really trolling my random fetlife and findoms posts? Certainly only my most devoted and meticulous obsessed online stalkers. The rest of you are only reading what you see on Domme Dose, my Twitter (, or right here on my blog which is often reposted on Domme Dose and Twitter anyway.

Anyway, I've compiled a collection of gems for you all to read and learn about my thoughts and feelings that you probably weren't previously aware of on a variety of subjects! Of course, my thoughts on any subject are always important to know.

On if there is a line between fantasy and reality that is not to be crossed:
I find the lines between fantasy and reality to be blurred because, for me, fantasy often becomes reality, in the same way that life imitates art imitates life. That goes for my own fantasies as well as the fantasies of subs if I have enough time to work with them. Whether or not they originally wanted it to become a reality becomes kind of irrelevant at that point. Often they don't even originally know what they really want anyway.

On the perception that Dommes who prefer cash tributes are somehow "fake" and that sending cash to a Domme is "impersonal":
You know, not everything that I can use and enjoy can be purchased through amazon. I do like shopping at other stores that don't always offer gift cards. I do like to spend my money at the spur-of-the-moment and would rather pull out my debit card than go home and wait for a slave to send me a gift card for that particular store or restaurant. Since I don't work, unless you count my clip stores (which I also consider to be slave acquired cash), all the cash in my checking account has been acquired through slaves. I don't think that contributing toward my rent and bills every month and my future vacations should be considered a cold and joyless experience of sending cash that you don't know will be used and enjoyed. If anything, I use and enjoy my cash tributes more than my amazon gifts, because I can actually use it whenever I want, however I want, everyday of my life. From stopping to grab a coffee, to a spontaneous shopping spree through the mall, to filling up my gas tank, to buying a new painting to hang on my wall.. I am thrilled every time I swipe that debit card full of cold hard slave cash. It's certainly not impersonal. Unlike mailing me a dress or a pair of shoes that I will only get so much use and enjoyment out of, adding cash to my bank account actually makes your tribute a meaningful part of my daily life.
My new loft is entirely paid off for the year with slave cash. Considering that this is my home now, I consider it to be quite a personal gift that many slaves had a part in contributing to and should feel very joyful and proud about doing so.

 On money, class, and the behavior of a classy Domme in everyday life vs. in the fetish community:
Money definitely cannot buy class. Being classy involves a certain amount of graceful modesty. I was raised to never talk about money or flash my things around obnoxiously. It comes across as tacky and often the people who behave that way in everyday life are the ones who don't really have as much money as they say they do. However, this fetish community is an outlet to shamelessly brag and show off all the money and gifts that we want to because it's a display of the power we have over our slaves. :)

On the eternal feminist dilemma of if and when we should or should not allow men to open doors for us:
I love when men do things like open doors for me when they do it because they just want to show a sign of their RESPECT for me. That's completely different than some clumsy ox trying to suggest that the door is too heavy for me to handle without him.. LOL!

On dumb bitches who think they can spam forums begging for shit and making Financial Domination look trashy and ridiculous:
Financial Dommes are not charity cases. Nobody cares if your babyshower is coming up, or if you're saving up for a new exhaust pipe. It's called borrowing from family/friends or taking out a fucking loan. Is your credit really that bad? Half the posts on here look like they should be written on pieces of cardboard and held up over an intersection while everybody awkwardly tries not to make eye contact during the red light.

On my feelings about racial humiliation/domination/play:
I get a lot of arabs and muslims who want race or religious humiliation. I like it. I also genuinely dislike islam.
I also like to insult asians for their little dicks, and blacks just because it's funny to pull out old racist stereotypes, like, for example, making a black slave fuck a watermelon until he cums and then eat it, or dance the carlton while wearing overalls and painting giant red lips on himself like those old cartoons. I've always found offensive humor funny, mainly because it's so exaggerated and offensive.
I'd also make fun of white boys for being pale and nerdy and having small dicks compared to the blacks. Idgaf. At least the blacks have huge dicks.

On why I prefer slaves to buy me gifts, even when it's something I could easily just buy for myself:
I love when slaves buy me things that I could easily just buy myself. It makes me that much happier with my material possessions when I know that a slave paid for them because that way it's not just something that I enjoy owning but its also a permanent reminder of my own power and control, which just feeds my ego and makes me love it even more.

That's all for now. Feel free to ask me any other questions or bring up more topics that you'd like to know my opinion on using my formspring at

Friday, May 24, 2013

Biggest Wallet Rape Yet

Last night was probably the biggest cash drain I've ever inflicted on spitface. spitface started out as pigslop jim, who inspired one of my first ever clips called "Hey Jim.. here's your $1200 pigslop dinner!!" He's also known as spitlover, spitdrinker, or, if I'm feeling nice, jim.

Hahaha this sick freak paid me $1200 to make this disgusting concoction for him. Wanna know what's in it?? Lol!
Buy this clip, Jim!! Pay me some more to kick back and remind you of what a dirty fuck you really are!

You can see it here at My kinkbomb store. I'll give you a hint though.. there was A LOT more than just spit in that one! LOL!

Ironically, I was wearing the same plaid and lace Abercrombie pajama shorts when I raped him again for even more $$$$ last night. I'm always chillin in my PJs when spitaddict jim comes around, and he loves to pay me to do it, which is probably why I have such a good time with him.

I caught him on Skype at the perfect time because I was just shopping for some new latex items and almost ready to check out. I don't really trust the quality of latex sold on Amazon so I had found some other site entirely devoted to latex that seemed legit, and coincidentally they just happened to have an option to checkout using a certain payment processor. So spitface's first $159.97 was sent directly for these items.

Here's what I bought:
Love these sexy gloves
Simple black dress to start my collection
 I bought this in black

I was very happy to find this alternative form of a strap-on with the dildo seemingly built right into the panties as opposed to coming separate and having to be inserted through a ring like most strap-ons! As someone who is a fan of strap-ons in my personal life, I've owned a few since I was old enough to buy them (that would be 18), and I've never been very happy with the way they can be difficult to maneuver at times because they're only held on by some straps and an O-ring and no matter what size or how much I tighten them, they always feel flimsy to some extent and sometimes the dildo even comes loose from the harness. And yes, I do use the correct sizes for the rings. It's just that if I'm gonna get down then I'M GONNA GET THE FUCK DOWN if you know what I'm saying. If you don't know what I'm saying, it's basically this: I fuck like a goddamn beast.

When I say that I would fuck your wife better than you could ever dream of, I'm not lying.

Anyway, I bought the black ones mainly for use in clips so I could further rub this reality in your pathetic face, but if they really are as snug and incredibly functional as they appear, I'll probably buy some translucent ones for my own personal use. And maybe I'll tease you asscrack addicts with them just a little bit. Maybe.

Anyway, the raping of jim continued into the night, and what a lovely night it was.

 Next Page!

What did I do during all of these transfers? Mainly just sat here. I teased him with my spit for a little while and packaged up another used toothbrush of mine to send to him to replace my current used toothbrush that he's been using twice a day for probably about a month or so now. Then I ignored him for a while. I had a cup of tea. I teased him by licking my wet saliva-slicked lips and flipping him off. I put my feet up on my desk and finished reading a book which I'd gotten a while ago called You Better Not Cry by Augusten Burroughs. Augusten Burroughs has been one of my favorite writers for years so I'm glad jim paid me to finish one of the few books of his that I hadn't read yet. It was pretty good.

A few of those payments were sent for items that I was selecting off my wishlist for him to buy. For some reason he has no credit card so he can't send Amazon giftcards and instead had to pay this way. Oh well, I'm not complaining! Here's what I had him pay for:

It's a badass fucking lion head
 Tell me that's not going to look awesome mounted right here in my living room:

Now I just need a ladder to get up there! He also paid for some additions to the new dead butterfly and moth collection that I'm starting. Currently I have one, it's an Atlas moth which is the largest type of moth in the world. I hung it above the spiral staircase heading down from my rooftop bedroom.

Female Atlas Moth

Here are the new ones spitface bought:

Green Swallowtail Butterfly

Tiger Butterfly

Rose Butterfly

The Tiger Butterfly is now sold out so I'm glad I got that in time! I love them, and taxidermy in general. When I was younger I actually wanted to become a taxidermist for a while until I looked into it and found that all the taxidermy schools are located in the South, and that they also require you to do a lot of welding and metal work. I love art, not heavy manual labor. Just buy me some more off my wishlist:

The grand total of cash left over in my account??

The funny thing is that he still would have given me more. I had to cut him off because it was 3am, I had finished my book and was tired and ready for bed. I'll have to save the rest of his money for another time. And I expect next time to be even better, because I had him create a new paypal that I have access to which will have another one of his 5 bank accounts linked to it once he gets the confirmation code for it. Then we'll REALLY have fun, won't we jim?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

BIG UPDATE! Becoming a full-time Lifestyle Financial Dominant

I've really been slacking a lot on my blog, and those who know me personally or follow me on Twitter ( know that it's mostly been because I've been SO busy trying to juggle three classes (homework slaves can't show up and take tests for you, unfortunately), keep up with my clip stores and my slaves, and also move into my new bi-level loft. If you ever think it might be a good idea to move out to a new place in a new city during finals week, IT'S NOT. But you know I'm a boss so I handled that shit.

Now I'm finally done with the semester and, for the most part, done setting up my new place. I bought a TON of new furniture and still have a few more things to buy but for the most part everything is set up, organized, and feeling like home. I'm typing this in my new ergonomic reclining chair, at my new black glass-top L-shaped computer desk, looking out the 9 big side-by-side windows that line the corners of my rooftop bedroom while the sun starts to set and rain drizzles down over the city. I love it here, and, although it will not be my permanent home (it's only my first!), it will be my home for at least the next 12 months and it has been paid for entirely by my slaves, worshippers, and admirers. If you look back at one of the columns I wrote for Domme Dose several months ago, I mentioned that my biggest fantasy was to live in a home paid for entirely by slaves, as if it were a temple built for a Goddess or a palace built for a Queen. I'm so happy that my fantasy is already coming to life. You minions have already built a small home for me, no doubt just in practice for the palace to come! ;) I'll be posting pictures soon, after the rest of the boxes and things are put away.

Being done with this semester of school and finally feeling settled in my new place is giving me some time to think about something that I've been conflicted about for a while now. I really have no passion for school anymore. What used to interest me is tedious and boring and something that I just try to rush through quickly to get it out of the way (or hand it over to my homework slave so I don't have to deal with it at all) so I can do better things. Since starting to build my online empire, this is how I want to spend my time now. Today I woke up, I filmed a few clips, I lay on the couch and read a book (tweeted a picture of a nice quote from it), I put together a couple of end tables that just came in today (bought with amazon giftcards), and now I'm in my bedroom as mentioned above, relaxing and writing this blog. Later I'll probably edit some clips and make gifs, maybe upload some. I don't have to worry about showing up for class on time. I don't have to worry about studying for tests. I don't have to take time away from filming clips, writing blogs (I actually LOVE to write), tinkering with my website (I also love designing websites!), shopping to surround myself with beautiful things, relaxing, toying with my slaves and just generally enjoying my life, to instead force myself to focus on something that no longer interests me and no longer provides any kind of enjoyment. That's why I've decided to take the summer off to really evaluate this situation and most likely come to the conclusion that I won't be returning to school any time soon (if at all).

It's hard for me to think about quitting school because it's hard for me to think of myself as a quitter or as someone who can't handle the extra work/stress. That's not me. However, it's not hard for me to think of myself as a self-centered hedonist. ;) I've been rejecting social norms and unapologetically shocking friends and family with my actions and choices since about as long as I can remember. Plus, I am highly intelligent. Financial domination is, to me, a lifestyle and a job all in one. My "job" in this case is essentially just to exist; to be free to be myself and to express myself in the ways that I choose. My "work" is also my passion, my self-expression, my art, my outlet, my entertainment, my luxury, my enjoyment, etc. This is a TRUE financial domination/femdom/female supremacy experience. I exist to enjoy my existence. You exist to literally slave away at your miserable jobs to serve me, pamper me and sacrifice to fund my existence. This is my ultimate dream come true.

A lot of you boys are curious and ask me if my friends and family know about what I do, and what they think of it. Some of you idiots, in fits of misdirected anger during your own self-loathing for being such a fucking weak pervert, even try to threaten me that you will somehow "expose" me to my family and friends. Well, as amusing as it is that so many of you think I consider my life to be some huge horrific secret (remember what I said about "misdirected"? My life is not yours, silly pig.), I am actually quite open about it. At first, only a few very close friends and relatives knew. Then as I got more involved in it, of course more people started finding out, and now I openly tell pretty much everybody. Just recently I talked about it in the middle of a bar I was at with some friends (were any of you losers lucky enough to be on my ignore line at the time??), and I took out my phone to show a friend-of-a-friend who I had just met my clips4sale page and my website. I actually love to talk about it and show it off! Most people are somewhat confused at first, but they think it's interesting and cool. I get a lot of respect for it, and especially from my family.

I come from a long line of independent thinkers, and generations of feminist women. My Aunt is actually a published writer on modernism as it pertains to female sexuality and feminism. They think that owning male servants around the world just through using the computer from the comfort of my home, flaunting my beauty and sensuality in the way that I choose to flaunt it, that doesn't feel exploitative or degrading to me, that actually feels fun and is an outlet for self-expression, and collecting thousands of dollars while I'm at it is actually amazing and, like my Grandma said, "better and smarter" than getting a real job. Obviously any kind of real job that would give me an equal or greater income would require years of school and hours/days/weeks/months on end of working in a profession that I wouldn't even feel half as passionately about, that would stifle my creativity and my passions and my fun and WHO I AM as a person!

"I told [your Aunt] about what you do and, like Grandma, she thinks it's great. I think it is great too... My cutting edge little [childhood nickname], the artist, the dominatrix. Wow! Love, Mom" - email from my Mom

I consider myself a feminist as well, and I consider what I do to be empowering and liberating. I was not born to be shackled to a cubicle all day, or to have to ask a boss for permission months in advance just to go on a vacation. That's something you are on this earth to do. I'm here to be free to do anything I want. I'm proud of my lifestyle and I will continue to focus on my path as a financial domme and create a world around me that is as magically extravagant and extraordinary as I am.

Remember that when you kneel to me, under any circumstances, no matter how big or how small, you are kneeling as a brick in the wall of an empire.