Tuesday, January 21, 2014

1k in 1 Hour: Another Rape of muslim ismail

Guess who is still coming back for more. After hours of praying to allah to give him strength, ismail continues to break down again and again into the weakened pile of shit that he was really meant to be for me. Just one glance at me and he starts to worship his perfect true Goddess, singing and praying to me in public parking lots -- humiliating himself, his family and the entire nation of islam in the process. And just one peek at my flawless ass in a skimpy little g-string and he completely breaks down, begging me to destroy his marriage, begging to eat my piss and shit and used tampons (what a PIG!!), obeying my instructions to spit in his stupid little muslim hat, jerk off into it until his pre-cum dribbles out of his quivering cock and then stick it back onto his pathetic brown bald head because he is NOT allowed to cum! Instead he has to wear it home, where he avoids going to bed with his ugly wife and instead sneaks into the bathroom with his headphones on to watch my clips over and over. He barely sleeps after seeing me, just obsessing and waiting to see if I come back on Skype to fuck him up some more.

Can you blame him??

My latest rape of ismail drained him of exactly 1k in 1 hour. I made him send me the last $400 to make it an even $1,000 right before I had to leave to go to my massage appointment for some pamering! What a great way to start my morning.

Next time this little piggy isn't getting off so easy.