Monday, January 19, 2015

Blackmailed for life: how one slaves web was spun

Since my last blog post I've had a lot of improvement in sub boys knowing how to stay in their place and really make a proper effort to please me. I even received a $300 Amazon giftcard as an apology. It looks like "Dennis" was especially sorry for getting out of line. The funny part about this is that I have no idea who "Dennis" is, nor do I remember the incident that he's referring to at all, but I still accepted his financial apology on behalf of all losers out there who have pissed me off lately. Haha!

My beta bitch limpdick has become fully owned and completely subject to my mercy within a matter of weeks. He has handed over every bit of information on his drivers license, his wife's drivers license, his credit card, his email and facebook names and passwords, his co-workers, friends, family and in-laws names and contact information, and is now functioning fully and totally under my control. He even has to ask permission to be allowed to go on a bike ride, like a pathetic child. Since his loser dick functions at basically the level of a pathetic child anyway, it makes sense that he should be treated like one. Stripped of any remaining shred of false masculinity and ego, he has handed over all the power he once was burdened of having over himself right into my greedy, willing hands. What a gift to be relieved of something that is too much for a weak, pitiful boy to carry. He appreciates me lifting this burden off of him everyday and giving him a true purpose to work and to even be alive.


I started writing this blog post months ago and am only just now finishing it. A lot of changes have happened to limpdick over this time. He has gone from "limpdick" to "sissy mckayla," during which time I tasked him with sending tons of photos and videos of him dressing up in his wife's clothes and makeup and even allowed him to purchase some dresses, panties, etc. of his very own. He was wearing panties 24/7 every day (since he is chaste and his wife doesn't want to have sex with him anyway, this isn't a problem). He was amazed at how natural his sissy transformation felt for him and discovered so many insights into his own girly psyche. "She" is really a natural, and I allowed her to enjoy her blossoming into full-fledged sissyhood for quite a while. More than long enough for me to build an extensive collection of blackmail material. "sissy mckayla" has now become "blackmailed for life."

He has become a weekly tribute. He has become a folder full of incriminating information and a chunk of cash in my account each week to keep that folder shut. He is now the lowest of the low, paying his dues with little to no communication or acknowledgement in between. He is easily my most completely owned, stripped, powerless and entirely trapped slave. And, believe it or not, this is his dream come true. He couldn't be happier to know that he is forever indebted to me, paying me weekly for the rest of his life just to keep his secrets safe with me. For the rest of his life he will live wrapped tightly in my beautifully spun web around him. I could never speak a word to him again, and he still knows that if his payment isn't in my account on time, his entire world will come crashing down around him.

This is a real masterpiece of manipulation. This is a real lifetime of slavery. To my blackmail slave this is his ultimate dream brought to reality. There is no turning back, and to him there is no greater feeling of comfort and security than in knowing that he is truly forever mine. The paralyzing comfort of fear. The level of trust and faith he has no choice but to place in me is beyond that of any felt even for god. There is no more free will here. Only an unconditional, permanent state of complete blissful surrender.

Imagine someone you've never even met in person and never will, knowing they have the ability to read your every conversation, access every part of your life, holding all your darkest secrets, and having the power to destroy your marriage, your career, your friendships, your LIFE within seconds with just a few clicks of a mouse, whether you deserve it or not, at any given time of the day or night, even just out of boredom or on a whim. This is what he knows every day, for the rest of his life.

This is real power.