Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Totally wiped out this loser!! Hahaha I had a great night!! +pics

This pathetic weak loser actually tried to tribute me $25.. haha! I let him send $50 at first, just to see my feet on the floor. Another couple hundred later I gave him the privilege of sticking my hand down to the cam and flipping him the fuck off. Another few hundred and this lucky bitch got to see me lounging on my bed in my pjs laughing and flipping him off some more, which led to him finally overdrafting his bank account for the last $100 and something dollars for a grand total of $750 dollars. LMAO! What made it even better was that even though he didn't have his cam on I could still hear him crying and begging me through his microphone. The best part was when he sniffled and asked me so genuinely in his little whimpering voice: 
"This isn't normal, is it?" 
LMAO!!! Of course it's not fucking normal bitch. But it is GREAT isn't it?? Wink 

*editing.. trying to post some pics of the action. I work so hard, don't I? Smile 
P.S. how cute are my plaid Abercrombie pj shorts? Love them!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

What's been going on. PLUS looking for subs in REDWOOD CITY near SF

Both of my homework slaves kind of disappointed me so I ended up just typing up the paper myself. In fact, most of you slaves in general have been disappointing me! Really all of you except for two at the moment.. 

Last night I was contacted by an old foot slave who served me in the past.. not surprised that he is still just as addicted to my feet as ever. I spent some time hypnotizing him years ago to be a slave to my feet and I can see that it stuck with him in the back of his pathetic weak little mind this whole time. Wink I drained him VERY WELL and VERY QUICKLY years ago.. and now it ALL begins again. And again and again and again.. Lol! 

Also, I have a sub in Redwood City CA who has been tributing me very well on a daily basis to sit there like a pathetic fag and beg me to whore him out. I'm looking for a guy who I can send by his hotel room and get blown by him while I watch it on cam. I might even record him! I wouldn't necessarily have to record you though. Contact me ASAP if you're around his area. The last time I had a sissy slave suck dick in a hotel room I only had him take pictures, I didn't get to watch it live! So if you're in the Redwood area let's make this happen live!! This bitch will never be the same again! 

Other than that, I spent the weekend with my boyfriend. We definitely had a lot of fun that you sad jerk-off addicted fucks only WISH you could know about. Wink He knows about what I do and he loves to hear my stories about you losers, lol.. he thinks you're so fucked up but hilarious. I also set up a NiteFlirt line so when I'm out you losers can still worship me and maybe even entertain me when I'm with my boyfriend and my friends too! I don't think my line is active yet and I still need to spend some time figuring out the site but look forward to those links being posted soon!!

Friday, October 26, 2012


I have an easy and boring assignment that I don't feel like doing. You just have to read a couple short articles and then write 1-3 pages comparing and contrasting what's discussed in the articles. It's really fucking simple and boring and I'd rather rape my drunk slut tonight which I'm just about to go and do, so if you're not a complete idiot and interested in being my homework slave for this assignment and potentially some others to come, message me ASAP! I need to get this done SOON losers!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's a good day to be ME :)

So I was waiting for class to start today and I decided to check my paypal account on my phone to see if those $100 and $200 echecks from some fat drunk loser have cleared yet, when I noticed an extra $500 in my account. It turned out to be a surprise gift to me for my birthday, from a puppy who served me long ago. Subs like this really make me smile (as opposed to just making me LAUGH at you like most of you dumb fucks). This puppy stopped serving me YEARS ago due to his hectic life and work schedule, but he still remembers to tribute his favorite Princess even when he won't get anything in return besides just knowing that he pleased me during the month of my birthday! What a good boy! Even though I haven't talked to him in years he still remains to be my all-time favorite and best behaved puppy. I doubt most of you bitches could even come close to taking his place in my stable. 

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I aced my midterm today! On my way home from class I just had to stop by the mall and do a little celebration shopping Wink too bad my puppy will never get to see what I bought with that birthday money lol. 

Think any of you could make my day get even better? I'll be on my yahoo and msn tonight while I study for my next midterm.. feel free to give me a little break. You know I deserve it Wink