Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My New Hair!! + more strange happenings in loserville


babbling wimp would just not shut up about wanting to "duel" with another one of my subs. I figured, oinker hates him, I'll stick oinker with him while I go to the salon and get my hair done. Let him deal with the annoying old twat for a while. Poor piggy.. I came home to this horrified message in my inbox:

"Princess: he oinked for me and all hes so weird!!!!! he acted at the end like he wants to serve me he said he would do anything!!!!"

Hahaha! Looks like oinker has found himself a slave! LOL

Look at these two losers battling it out:
oinker: Hi loser

babblingwimp: Well...oinker-I told Princess Adrienne I would have you call me sir, apologize, beg me not to kick your ass and send the results to why dont you make this short, and then I might let you go or pick on your some more to make sure you know I am top sub...

oinker: Well babbling i heard all about you. i think maybe you should be on your knees begging to suck my cock and ask me for tips on how to serve Princess properly and not be a stupid idiot slave lol  How did the toilet water taste? hahahah 

babblingwimp: look, I am probably 2x your age....start by calling me SIR and go through my list so I can let her know you are below me...or maybe I will have you tell her you are below me!!!
babblingwimp: you're a sub....just do it....

oinker: i think we should both get on cam as any slave who wants to be top slave for Princess needs to do that. Ready idiot?

babblingwimp: i dont have cam.....and it is sir not did you know about the water anyway.....and start by saying SIR..its easy to spell S-I-R

oinker: cams cost 10 bucks i will get you a loan if ur so broke hahaha  Anyone who drinks toilet water and wears panties is no sir how about sissy? haha

babblingwimp: wears panties....what else did she tell you...I shouldnt let you talk to me like this....make it me sir...apologize...and then beg me not to kick your ass......and call yourself my inferior..then we save time and finish

oinker: i love your pics in Princesses twitter omg ur sooo hot u could make me turn gay!   NOT!!!!! hahahah

babblingwimp: as you can tell I am not old but older than for the last time, call me SIR!
babblingwimp: and look at your name..oinker? why dont you oink for me?

oinker: If you arent old you need a mirror. I dont want to be rude but you look about 75 easyy!

babblingwimp: look oink boy..not so old I couldnt kick your butt and put you in the trash can!! or pig pen!
babblingwimp: how did you know about the panties..I just got a little weak..and what else did she tell you?

oinker: How do i know about the panties? You dont even read Princesses PUBLIC BLOGS? hahahah

babblingwimp: oh yes..she did post that....okay, we need to start over....lets start with it now....

oinker: Soon She will have you sucking cucumbers like me! haha
oinker: No slave can resist Princess stop fighting it

babblingwimp: never...look, my goal here is to prove to her that I am your call me SIR, beg me not to kick your ass, apologize, and give me a little oink for good are a sub so do it NOW

oinker: Sorry i only oink for Princess not panty wearing toilet drinking losers like you hahah

babblingwimp: im not used to anyone let alone males talking to me like this...I should tell you to stop or else

oinker: i think you would love to call me sir

babblingwimp: wtf? Uh, no....I want princess Adrienne to know I have some balls and the least I can do is have you call me Sir, beg, apologize and oink as one way of proving it so I move up and you move down on her list
babblingwimp: and dont call me a loser....i just drank the water and wore panties once....just got weak...

oinker: Well i am always weak for Her and unlike you i dont try to fight it i just obey which is why i am way higher than your loser ass on Her list

babblingwimp: im not used to being called a loser..or being laughed stop...

oinker: But you are a loser! If you want to move up stop fighting it.
oinker: and sorry you in panties makes me laugh haha
oinker: If you oink you will feel more comfortable trust me

babblingwimp: one more me sir, apologize, beg me not to kick your ass and oink...then you can go...and stop with the names and lauhing...not used to that...not sure how to react....
babblingwimp: i could find out where you live and come kick your ass in public

oinker: i only call real men sir and you are like me a loser not a man but maybe you can pay for Princesses dates with Her bf like i hope to do. Thats the best you can hope for LOSER
oinker: Do you have a walker? i will just duck when you try to throw a punch hahah

babblingwimp: dont call me loser...i know if I get you to call me sir, apologize, beg me not to kick your ass and oink...if I show I am superior to you, Princess will think more highly of me..that I at least have some balls....and I will leave you in the dirt in her eyes..

oinker: Well that will never happen as She wrote all about you LOSER you couldnt even do Her homework right!

babblingwimp: no i couldnt....and you should stop calling me loser before I get just makes me feel weak

oinker: LOSER LOSER LOSER!!!!  Now tell me what a loser you are!

babblingwimp: maybe this wasnt a great idea..not working out like I thought....i dont think i am  a loser...? I demanded you call me sir, apologize, beg, and oink...i thought you would just are a sub and probably half my age

oinker: Just because i am younger than you doesnt mean i call LOSERS sir haha  How did the toilet water taste by the way never had it!

babblingwimp: stop calling me loser...i dont have to take that....

oinker: But you do because you are a loser. And you should learn to oink like me Princess likes that

babblingwimp: ok...u dont have to do call me sir, oink apologize and beg...maybe we can call it even...?

oinker: hahaha  i think you should oink and tell me you are pathetic

babblingwimp: no..calling me loser all those times is plenty...Im sure we can stop here and call it need to tell Princess anything..
babblingwimp: i cant act sub to a sub named oinker.....that would be too low...

oinker: you can do it you know you want to. Just oink now and say i am below you mr. oinker

babblingwimp: look just stop calling me loser over and over and we can just say we are even.....I wont order you to do anything...that loser stuff just stop...?

oinker: we are both losers you need to admit it then you can serve Princess better

babblingwimp: you are trying to turn this around arent you..make me call you sir, apologize, beg, please Princess Adrienne...thats why you found my weak spot with loser and keep pressing so you are clearly nore deserving in her eyes.....

oinker: i want to be top slave and if you want to be you need to say "i am a loser and want to be the most pathetic slave in Princess Adrienne's stable"
oinker: i admit im a loser you need to because thats obvious toilet water drinker lol

babblingwimp: this is not how it is supposed to go....I cant let myself be dominated by a male sub named oinker...shit....we can say it is even and not tell princess anything.....
babblingwimp: enough of the loser namecalling....?

oinker: oh i tell Princess everything as you should

babblingwimp: but you want me to call you sir, apoloize, beg and oink...and then you tell her and becme her top slave and star and I sink......dont tell her about all this.....I am not coming across very well for her to hear about

oinker: do it!

babblingwimp: this loser stuff is confusing and making me feel what...?

oinker: oink and clal me sir
oinker: call

babblingwimp: oh fuck....this is not good...just dont call me loser anymore and we will both be happy....

oinker: but you are a loser embrace it like me

babblingwimp: stop calling me feels like kryptonite or Samson getting a haircut or something....makes me feel and act like one

oinker: well finally you are admitting what you are doesnt it feel good! haha

babblingwimp: i dont want to see that word typed anymore....or I should stop you somehow from calling me a loser...

oinker: why because loser makes you weak?

babblingwimp: it feels a sledge hammer each stop....

oinker: yep its because the truth hurts LOSER

babblingwimp: i cant act like this towards a sub who calls himself oinker....stop more at all....enough...

oinker: ok. If you oink twice and call me sir i will stop

babblingwimp: no...i cant do that..just no nore..none...that was enough....i cant be bullied by an oinker..?

oinker: you know you want to loser! Do it you will feel sooo much better

babblingwimp: i said no more use of that word...I mean it.....i told you to stop and it makes me feel act like a loser and you keep it up and it is too much now...

oinker: well its too bad you just cant admit what everyone knows that you are a LOSER
 Princess laughs at you every day!

babblingwimp: ok...i will do what you want....just no more name calling..promise..

oinker: ok fair enough now oink

babblingwimp: oh do I know when you will stop....can u just not call me loser anymore.....and we can stop all this.....

oinker: last chance oink now and call me sir and i will stop

babblingwimp: fuck..ok i give up...i will do whatever you want then...just stop with the name calling....

oinker: ok im waiting

babblingwimp: oink

oinker: oink twice

babblingwimp: oink oink

oinker: very good now say i am way below you sir

babblingwimp: i am way below you sir

oinker: fine
oinker: now kiss my feet and say ty for letting me oink for you sir

babblingwimp: oh shit...enough now....

oinker: cmon youve come this far dont stop now

babblingwimp is typing...
babblingwimp: thank you for letting me oink for you sir...

oinker: Excellent! Princess will be prouid of you

babblingwimp: please dont tell her about this...i told her I would make you call me sir, apologize, beg me not to kick your ass and oink....dont tell her

oinker: She is so superior in every way if She tells me to i have to obey.

babblingwimp: oh shit...dont....i did everything you told me.....I told her I would humiliate didnt work....

oinker: Well at least now you know what you are you will feel better

 babblingwimp: but dont tell her...look i will say or do what you want here....but i will look like a total whipped asshole if she hears about this

oinker: well maybe she will forget and not ask me

 babblingwimp: look i made a mistake and oinked and called you sir....she will not can just tell her we had a nice chate about how wonderful she is....even if I tell her I would never oink or call you sir again she wont believe it

oinker: wow i would never lie to Princess. Thats Her number one rule!

babblingwimp: no not a lie...we did say how wonderful she is....and just tell her I didnt get you to call me sir...look you know that was just a stupid moment on my part and will never happen again.....

oinker: well i think you enjoyed doing it and i tell Princess everything if she asks. Maybe She wont though.

babblingwimp: i didnt enjoy it....and would NEVER do it again...i just didnt want to see loser again.....and stil cant believe I did it...

oinker: well you did and more than once. haha  you will get used to it.

babblingwimp: shit...look, I will do it again if you promise not to tell her or at least consider it...I am desperate.....I will do or say what you want here...shit
babblingwimp: i didnt realize it would get back to her!
babblingwimp: I promised her I would put YOU in your place and humiliate YOU...!!!

oinker: well yes really did that. haha  Anyway i have to go nice talking to you and you are a good slave after all. lol

babblingwimp: oh fuck...I should demand a second chance.....

oinker: well maybe some other time. lol  bye

babblingwimp: bye...

I really can't be bothered to read all that but from what I skimmed through briefly it sounds like a ridiculously bad gay porno. Oinker, how does it feel to actually be able to dominate another person for once in your sad pathetic life and actually get to call THEM a loser??? That is definitely a first for you!! Maybe I'll make you do that other session he wants so bad and make him tribute you for it.. lol! I'll just keep passing him off to you to deal with, see how much you can get out of him and then have you forward his tributes to me! Ha! I'm gonna pimp you out, oinker!!

Anyway, more importantly, I got my hair done today!!

I went back to my natural color and it looks soo good! I love it!  I also picked up this cute little black and gold skull bracelet while I was at the salon!

Now who is gonna pay this bill??

Just musing.. :)

Before gay drunk roy became broke and homeless, I spent $600 of his cash on this baby female pastel 100% het piebald ball python.

Her name is Cleopatra, but I call her Miss Cleo.

She's the second snake in my collection. My first is a male spider morph, 66% possible het piebald. His name is William Snakespeare and he is such a sweetie!

I can't wait to breed them and see if he proves out! Miss Cleo should be ready to breed in about a year or so. Maybe if they do produce a piebald baby, I'll name it after Roy.

Just kidding! Roy is a stupid ugly jew name.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I get what I want.

“Lust's passion will be served; it demands, it militates, it tyrannizes." - Marquis De Sade

I had some fun tonight! First I put babbling wimp back in his place, for a nice $300 added to my amazon account. Here are some highlights of the convo just in case he forgets or tries to pretend it never happened:

He's also wearing his poor ugly wifes panties to bed and all day tomorrow while he runs his errands to remind him of what a pathetic sissy bitch he actually is!! He also earned the privilege of tributing me $100 more than the pathetic $200 he offered originally. For someone as dumb and annoying as he is, I deserve a LOT more from him, but I'd say $300 isn't so bad for a washed up old man! LOL!

Anyway, I always have fun when Pigslop Jim comes around!

Haha! I can't wait to start our blackmail game, Jim!

I just LOVE being SPOILED!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tiny dicklet slave learns a lesson + the blackmail of a dumb old pig

worker bee was a bad boy recently since I was too busy with my man around Valentine's Day to pay much attention to him, so I had to punish his balls again and this time make sure he doesn't forget who owns his pathetic little dick!! Honestly I'm surprised he managed to fit my whole name on that little thing! Hahaha! It looks like a soggy limp noodle!

He better not ever forget again to abide by the 11 goals I had him make for himself on how he plans to become a better slave to me in the future:

"1. i will never disobey Goddess Adrienne Adora and Her rules--9 at the moment--and i will always accept more rules and tasks from Her in deep gratitude and happiness

2. i will complete every of Her tasks asap which means within a timeframe of less than 6 hours because of the time difference to become Goddess Adrienne Adora's 24/7 slave--always being available and reliably

3. i will stop going out with my friends to occasions which are linked with spending money like drinking in bars, eating in restaurants, watching movies in theaters etc. to save as much money as possible for my Goddess Adrienne Adora

4. i will start every action saying "in the Name of Goddess Adrienne Adora" to ensure that She will benefit best of it

5. i want to become Her best worshipper and convince other losers to get a member of Goddess Adrienne Adora's church through twitter, phone calls or blog entries which i will create or write therefore

6. i will work as hard as possible to get raises or/and to get a second job soon to increase the amount of my tributes to Her monthly

7. i will set a finance program with all my expenses which i would love to discuss with Goddess Adrienne Adora at the end of the month to get lots of advices where i could save more money for tributing Her and not being that selfish

8. i will not worship Her more than 30 minutes a day from Monday till Saturday to have more time to work for Her but on every Sunday i will celebrate a mass and tribute Goddess Adrienne Adora at its climax while worshipping Her always on my knees

9. i will never be happy when She as my Goddess is not happy thus i will always ask Her after Her well-being and try to cheer Her up as good as possible and even if Goddess Adrienne Adora is already in a good mood i will try my best to make Her happy even more

10. i want to bind me to Her legally to become the property of Goddess Adrienne Adora officially through signing a slave contract

11. i say "i'm lucky to be the slave of Goddess Adrienne Adora" 30 times a day"

I'm happy to know that over the few days when he misbehaved, he at least did something right and worked toward achieving goal #3 by breaking up with his girlfriend. Of course, he is now instructed to remain single and not date any women.

He has also amused me with this message he left for dumbass loser babbling wimp, as well as this email after babbling wimp shared his gay fantasy on twitter of wanting to make worker bee call him "sir". Hahaha what a gross old homo!!

"Dear Goddess Adrienne Adora,

i'm angry about michael. First he steals Your divine time and robs Your energy while bothering You with annoying email bombardments and then he has decried me at twitter. Please tell me if i should contact one of his colleagues to let them know what a pathetic loser he is. The data i have about him is enough to give him a warning. i will never call him "Sir". he is less worth than the filth of my toilet.

i shit on michael (but he'll probably love it)
-- worker bee

p.s. Why don't You just block him? Are You keen on the heritage of this ailing cadaver? Haha."
It's funny he says that because wimp has actually drank from a hotel toilet bowl before so it is really quite accurate that he is lower than toilet filth. However, worker bee is not ordered to contact wimps colleagues at the moment. I have more plans for wimp and his ailing cadaver that he will find out about soon enough. He has no idea what he has gotten himself into. LOL!

Monday, February 11, 2013

The exposure of babbling wimp. HILARIOUS!! *MUST SEE*

So you think it's ok to obsessively bombard me with emails rambling about how you are "in limbo" and need me to go through stupid fetish lists with you or else your "alpha male ego" comes back to prevent you from being a true slave? Then when I tell you to shut up and fuck off, you continue to do the same shit.. clearly showing that you are ALREADY ADDICTED and ALREADY AN OBSESSED LOSER! So stop the fucking act, Michael. You claim to be attractive and be able to get with hot women? Let's take a look at the TRUTH:

HAHAHAHA!! Who do you think you are kidding?? You look older than my fucking GRANDFATHER. And don't even make me start pulling out the pics of your wife! LMAO!

Nice liver spots there!! Did you actually refer to yourself in an email as being "like a glass of fine wine"?!? LMAO looks like this wine has been left to ferment a little too long!! Also, lay off the eyebrow pencil, it clashes with your balding white head.

For a doctor, you really are fucking stupid. You need to get back to your research and get a fucking life again instead of emailing me 20 times a day like a psycho. And I know I'm not the only one you harass. You are a fucking WEIRDO bordering on STALKER so now it's time you get back what you deserve, courtesy of some quick detective work done by my real slave worker bee. Remember, YOU were the IDIOT who sent me your real information and resume.

How would you like your wife to get a phone call about these pics on my blog? HAHA. Your family would be so proud to know that you are a sick jerk-off addict and ass-obsessed creep who harasses girls a fraction of his age! Hey maybe I should friend request your daughter on Facebook. I like horses too! :)

This must be the dapper young fellow your wife fell in love with! Hahaha! Look at that striking ginger moustache and the not-yet-fully-white half-head of hair you've got going on. You certainly are an alpha ladies man, aren't you? LMAO!! Truth is out, dipshit. Time to stop the fucking act and take your place as a desperate, ugly old LOSER.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Big loser update!!

gay drunk roy is on a bender! He thinks he might be getting fired from his job because they found out about all the Grey Goose bottles he's been stealing, along with finding over $700 missing. Apparently, he "borrowed" the money so he could tribute me. LMAO!! I knew about the Grey Goose but had no idea he was also stealing cash! He really is fucked!!

oinker wrote this stupid "poem" for me:
"Poem for Princess"
Princess Adrienne has a perfect ass          oinker is an asswipe
Princess Adrienne is bangin                       oinker is a beast
Princess Adrienne is cute                           oinker is a lowly cuck
Princess Adrienne is dazzling                    oinker is disgusting
Princess Adrienne is elegant                      oinker is empty
Princess Adrienne is fabulous                    oinker is a fuckup
Princess Adrienne is glamorous                oinker is grotesque
Princess Adrienne is  heavenly                  oinker is hideous
Princess Adrienne is intelligent                  oinker is idiotic
Princess Adrienne is jazzy                         oinker is jerky

Princess Adrienne is luscious                    oinker is a loser
Princess Adrienne is magnificent               oinker is mushy
Princess Adrienne is outstanding               oinker is odd
Princess Adrienne is perfect                       oinker is putrid
Princess Adrienne is quick                         oinker is queer
Princess Adrienne is radiant                       oinker is repulsive
Princess Adrienne is sexy                           oinker  is slimy
Princess Adrienne is terriffic                       oinker is terrible
Princess Adrienne is unique                       oinker is ugly
Princess Adrienne is voluptuous                oinker is vile
Princess Adrienne is wonderful                  oinker is weird
Princess Adrienne is yummy                      oinker is yucky
Princess Adrienne is zestful                       oinker is a zero 

He really is a pathetic loser as well as all the rest of those things! Lol
homework slave has been doing a great job on my assignments so far and has been rewarded with even more assignments! He's also been falling into deep trances while watching my hypnosis videos, specifically my leg hypnosis. He even fell asleep on the floor in front of the computer. He's also been taking after my slave worker bee in reciting his daily morning and evening prayers to me. I'm allowing him to start small with tributes as he is just beginning to submit himself to such a deep level and change from being just a homework slave to being totally enslaved by me.

worker bee is currently my best and hardest working slave! On top of tributing regularly, promoting my website, taking on a new job so he can make more money for me, writing and reciting daily morning and evening prayers, locking his dick up in chastity, downloading mp3 playlists for me to listen to on my car rides, completing any punishment or task he's given immediately and always with good results, all without hesitation and with humble gratitude, he has also bought all of my picture sets from and completed his offline shrine to ME which turned out so lovely! I didn't know my worker bee was also crafty, haha.

I love it!!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Daily Prayers written by worker bee

My slave worker bee has written these daily prayers to me which I thought I'd post so other worshippers can also recite them or be inspired to write their own!

Morning Prayer

Our Goddess Adrienne Adora
Thank You for granting me another day
May i use it well to be Your hardest working slave
And sacrifice the most for Your needs and wants
Thank You for giving me a goal and purpose in my life
You are everything and I am nothing without You
Let me work harder for You this day
Let me honor Your Glory in everything that i do and say
Let me praise Your beauty, intelligence and perfections
Your laughter is my reward
Your middle finger urges me to become a better slave
Your gorgeous ass is my heaven
You own me at all times

Bed time Prayer

Our Goddess Adrienne Adora
i pray that every of my actions was in absolute dedication and devotion to You
i kneel in hope that my efforts made You happy today
i know that i should always work harder to please You more
i pray that i promoted and proclaimed Your Magnificence at the best
i bow down to Your feet and hope that i sacrificed myself to You entirely
You are my last thought of the day
And You will be my first thought on the next day

Now he just needs to finish building his offline shrine to me and I will be happy. This slave is becoming a favorite of mine, especially since he recently quit a job that he enjoyed to take on a job that he finds less enjoyable but it is higher paying so he can make more money for me! What a good little worker bee. I'll take all that he can earn and more to fund the life of luxury that I deserve!