Monday, August 4, 2014

An Important PSA

Put down your dicks and pay attention.

I honestly can't even remember the last time I felt so sick and fed up with the attitude of some of the losers in this scene that I just thought about quitting and stopping this altogether. I don't even know if there has been a time, up until a few incidents recently, that the occasional negative experience has ever made me feel like maybe the pros just aren't worth putting up with the cons. I mean, of course being a findom is worth a few hassles now and then! Ever since I discovered the community years ago I instantly knew I belonged here. I had found a place for me -- I found the titles for who I was and how I lived my life! That was an awesome moment for me, and it still is awesome every time I take a minute to reflect on it. I didn't ever "become a findom," I simply just became aware of a community where I could express myself freely and live the life I deserve openly and to the fullest.

I could never leave this lifestyle in the sense that I could never stop being me, but what I could do is leave this community in a second. Anyone who has followed me for some time knows that a couple years back I quit school so that I could direct my free time into the various outlets that this community provides. I chose to focus my attention instead on owning slaves, filming, running clip stores, etc. because that was what was more enjoyable for me! And perhaps this has gotten some of you confused...

Yes, in a sense, this is my job. Besides my investments, this is my source of income. However, this has never once felt like a job to me. That's why I do it! Who wants a job when they can profit off of their own self-expression, their own passions and essentially their own presence in general?!

Now, don't ever get that confused with thinking that I rely on slaves or on findom in any way for my own survival or well-being. If I am gracing you with my time and attention online, that is a privilege. If I am doing cam sessions, that is a privilege. If I am filming and uploading clips that I allow you to buy, that is a privilege. Don't ever regard it as anything less!

I am not working for you. I don't HAVE to communicate with you, I don't HAVE to be on social media, I don't HAVE to offer cam sessions. I could make a good income solely from selling clips and without ever speaking to a single one of you. You are LUCKY that I interact with you on ANY level. That being said, I could also stop making and selling clips without a second thought if it ever became anything less than FUN to me. I don't and never will feel dependent on this income. This is NOT my only option for acquiring the lifestyle that I live and enjoy.

Do not EVER get that fucking twisted.

Recently I've felt that I am not getting the respect and gratitude that I deserve from some of you perverts for doing what I do. While I do take pride in providing the best possible quality in my creative work, I do so because it's something that I, personally, am passionate about. I do it for myself, because I enjoy it. I am NOT working for YOU.

While I realize that not every clip fan or every fetishist looking for a cam session is a submissive, if your behavior during our interaction becomes anything less than respectfully cordial at the least, it is no longer fun for me and I will no longer participate, nor will I suffer any loss for it on my end. Simple as that. I could delete every account and close every clip store and move on to other venues of creativity and self-expression that have absolutely nothing to do with this community or with any of you. And if at any time the pros stop consistently and considerably outweighing the cons of being in this community, that's exactly what I will do.

I don't do this as a job, and I don't tolerate being treated as if I'm doing this as a job.

In short, be GRATEFUL. Be grateful for ANYTHING that I even offer you the possibility to be graced by. Don't ever fucking forget that.