Thursday, March 14, 2013

I'm moving!! + slave updates

It's been a while since I've posted a blog, mainly because I've been busy relaxing and enjoying my spring break, but this is just a quick update to let you all know that I might be moving out into a newly renovated luxury loft.. on your dime, of course!! My boyfriends lease is up soon and we've decided to move in together, so we're going to check out this new place today. Here are a couple pics from the website:

[pics removed cuz some of you are creeps!!!]

Isn't it nice? Of course you losers will be paying my half of the rent!! Don't worry too much, you've already paid enough to cover the full extent of the lease.. lol! There are some other places we're looking at too, but this one seems the best so far. It also comes with tons of other things in the building like a movie room, a gym, a basketball court, a swimming pool, a game room and some other community rooms too! Really I just want the gym and the pool! I'm excited to go and check it out!

Anyway, some updates from loserville..

babbling wimp has been asking the tough questions: "So now that it has been awhile since I have been humbled by brain starts thinking as I see these males line up to serve you and see so many other dommes out there humbling and collecting money from men...ARE WE ALL IDIOTS??"

Hahaha!! Well we all know that YOU ARE, wimp. Mainly because it's taken you this long of a fucking time to even begin to realize that, as a male, your NATURAL PLACE is to serve a woman. Of course so many of you are so easy humbled and lining up to serve us!!

slave steve has been making me happy in his progression to becoming a fully devoted slave and acknowledging me not only as his one true Goddess but as his owner and his only true source of pleasure, purpose and meaning in life. He will soon be ordered to buy this clip, which is perfect for his training program:

sissy sluts jessica and oinker have been exposed and exploited in my new clip for training good cocksuckers! Hahaha! You sluts can only learn from the best! The video of her is new, but I don't think sissy jessica even realized I still had those pics of her sucking that big black cock in the hotel room. I knew they would come in handy someday! Hahaha! Somebody really needs to learn how to stop rubbing her clitty and think twice before begging to be exposed.

oinker on the other hand is just a pathetic bitch and there is no hope for him, as you can see from this punishment task he was ordered to complete for me:

"Why i am a pathetic pig"

1. i am ugly like a pig
2. i am dirty like a pig
3. i oink like a pig
4. i squeal like a pig
5. i am stupid like a pig
6. i have a fat ass like a pig
7. i do not date like a pig
8. i have no life like a pig
9. i am only good for paying and amusing You like a pig
10. i am boring like a pig
11. i bend over head down ass up for raping like a pig
12. i did a pig video for You like a pig
13. i eat apples like a pig
14. i am gross like a pig
15. i disgust You like a pig
16. i am not a pet You would ever touch like a pig
17. i eat like a pig
18. i have no personality like a pig
19. i make gross sounds like a pig
20. i do anything You order even if vile like a pig
21. i snort like a pig
22. Only another pig would ever date me probably a male pig
23. i have a tiny cock like a pig
24. i walk like a pig
25. i have a belly like a pig
26. i don't pay attention well like a pig
27. i am subhuman like a pig
28. i am the lowest form of life like a pig
29. i have no pride like a pig
30. i dance like a pig
31. i waddle like a pig
32. i belong in a pigpen like a pig
33. i am Your most pathetic loser like a pig
34. i am lazy like a pig
35. i am not alert like a pig
36. i have no mind like a pig
37. i worship You knowing i will never meet You like a pig
38. You laugh at me like You would a pig
39. i perform for You like a pig
40. i dont wear clothes a lot like a pig
41. i smell like a pig
42. i am so pathetic pigs laugh at me
43. i want to be Your most pathetic which is a pig's goal
44. i get degraded like a pig
45. i rarely wash like a pig
46. i am way more stinky than a pig
47. i crawl on all 4's like a pig
48. i have big thighs like a pig
49. Human Atms laugh at me cause i am a pig
50. i am beyond pathetic and way below a pig!!!!!

LMAO!! He is more disgusting than I even thought! Really, you have no life and you hardly ever leave the house.. you could take a few minutes to stop sitting around naked and jerking off in front of your computer like a creep to at least BATHE regularly! You really are a hopeless pig!!