Sunday, December 22, 2013

Poetry and Demands

Like many other previously known Godesses, Femme Fatales, Idols of Divine Female Sensuality, and Generally Superior Women whose beguiling feminine appeal has found it's way of sweetly wrapping itself around a man and causing such inescapable and excruciating bliss, I enjoy being a muse.
Of course, I'm also an unrelenting narcissist.
Here are some recent poems from a lovestruck boy that I enjoyed:

"Beauty of a Dark Goddess"

"Falling for Goddess"

"Longing for Goddess"

Now, I want to be painted! Print out my photos.. let's cover your walls with my beauty, and my walls with your endlessly yearning desire to capture it.

You lonely fuck. I want to make sure you stay lonely forever.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The destruction of arab ismail

What is it about me that keeps managing to capture so many arabs and muslims? Is it that there are just SO many of them in the world who secretly wish they could submit to a beautiful white Goddess like myself? Or is it because I know so well how to get into their dirty pig minds and put them in their places? It must be a combination of both. I know exactly how to strip them of their long-practiced facade of male dominance and put them into positions so degrading that I can be sure they will NEVER forget it.

I've been ruining arab ismail for just a couple of days so far. Here's a sample of some of the spoils.

Of course that's not all. He's also been buying up clips like a maniac and watching them obsessively in between sessions with me. He begs me to fuck him up more and more, even though his stupid wife is probably getting suspicious.

So what has arab ismail done for me so far? Well in between sneaking off to Skype me from the bathroom while his wife sleeps, and Skyping me from his office, he rented a hotel room to be able to session with me undisturbed, while telling his wife that he would be home late because he was going to attend a "prayer meeting." LOL. Poor brown beta bitch had no idea he was meeting to pray to ME. She even tried calling him when I ended up keeping him out at the hotel longer than he had expected his "prayer meeting" to last. I tried having him call her back and putting her on speakerphone but unfortunately the reception was too bad in his shithole of a country.

Little did she know that I was stripping her fat, bald, bearded husband of any shred of dignity he would ever hope to maintain. I had ordered him to bring a pair of his wifes dirty panties, a quran and other religious symbols, and I had him order 8 shots of vodka from room service since this pathetic muslim had never drank alcohol before. He showed up wearing some religious vest, with prayer beads, the aforementioned items as well as some object that he said was used to brush his teeth. This dirty bitch could not get enough abuse from me, he didn't even manage to choke down half the vodka and I already had him wearing his wifes dirty panties, spitting on his stupid beads, stripping himself naked and singing prayers to me over and over on his knees. He was worried about his wife smelling vodka on his breath so I made him stick his arab toothbrush up his ass and then brush every one of his teeth with it, and then stick it up his ass farther and brush his tongue as well, before spitting out his vodka-and-shit smelling saliva right onto the quran.

Could this towelhead get any more degraded?? Of course he could! And so he did. He might have been starting to feel drunk at this point, because for some reason he opened the quran and started reading from it. Since his pathetic short dick was so hard and aching from worshipping me, and I didn't want to hear about what his shitty religion had to say, I made him slap his dick right onto that page that he was reading from. I made him repeatedly slap the words of allah with his dick, and then shut the quran closed around his dick and jerk off in it. It was so funny to hear him beg me not to make him do it, as his pre-cum dribbled out all over his stupid sacred book. He's lucky I didn't allow him to cum!! He said he was so ashamed he wanted to run away. LOL. But of course he couldn't resist. Can you blame him?

I love this picture of me!!

He begged me to let him stay out all night and not go home at all, even though he had to take his son to the mosque in the morning. I sent him home with further instructions and told him to Skype me from outside of the mosque. Unfortunately I was sleeping at this point and missed his call. Oh well, next time!!!

He made up for it today when I caught him stopping at a store on his way home from work. I had him call me from a public parking lot and I made him lower all the windows of his car, turn on the lights, and sing his prayers to me as well as yelling such gems as "I'm a dirty muslim pig" and "I cum in my quran" while people passed by and looked over at him. He begged for me to mindfuck him even harder.

Of course, you know I will.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Great day back on cam!!

"Have you ever cuckolded someone before?"
"Umm... not that they knew of."


I'm still laughing from all the fun I had using and abusing you sluts today. I haven't done any real cam sessions (other than ignore sessions) in a while now, so now that I'm mostly over my sinus/ear infection I had losers lining up to tribute and entertain me! Aw, did you miss me? Well, I'm sure posting this pic didn't help much, did it? ;)

Lets see if I can remember everbody. First there was the loser who wanted a cuckold session. He actually thought that I was a virgin! Lol! I made him try and guess how many dicks I've fucked and he didn't even come close! That's ok loser, you're not the only one who thinks I'm innocent. :)

Then some extremely hairy bitch paid me to worship my feet. Seriously, this guy looked like some kind of werewolf. He was COVERED in FUR. I was kind enough to give him a cum countdown at the end of our session. He was literally SHAKING by this point! Lol! He neatly placed a folded napkin above his dick before the countdown, and then after getting to 1 the dumbass proceeded to squirt his nasty globs of loser gunk all over his chest, stomach and legs. Hahaha what a dirty whore! He continued yanking on his limp dick and I made him grab and squeeze his balls while his jizz dripped and dried up all over his nasty body. I told him to go clean himself off. I hope he took a shower!!

Some other boys came to worship my feet too. My feet were very popular today!

Another loser sent me a small tribute through Niteflirt and I kindly accepted his offer to cam with me even though he was clearly a broke bitch and his tribute didn't amount to much. I accepted because he said he was a humiliation slut and I told him that he'd better do something REALLY humiliating for me for the favor of even being allowed to. Well he failed. I asked him what he was going to do to amuse me and all he had to offer was "I can dribble on my chin." LOL what an idiot! I let him drool on himself and then asked him if he was drunk.
"Is the beer bottle behind you full?"
"Go get a full one."
"I don't have any more."
"What do you have in your refrigerator right now?"
"Nothing. I just moved here"
Wtf? So you're sessioning with me before buying food. Well, priorities, right?
Anyway, I was able to figure out that this moron owned a razor (but no shaving cream) and I told him to shave off his gross 70s porno moustache. He refused, saying that "it's hot." He did, however, agree to shave his leg and then eat his own leg hair. You know you're a sissy bitch when you'd rather shave your legs than your nasty moustache! It WASN'T HOT. And now you have patchy faggy slut legs so NOTHING ABOUT YOU IS HOT. Then he asked to see my feet (my feet are hot) and I could tell he was clearly jerking it so I told him that he wasn't allowed to cum to my feet and I shut off my cam because he didn't deserve it.

spitboy jim also came back today, after saying about a month ago that he wasn't going to be online anymore because he decided he needed to start spending his money more wisely and he wanted to be able to save up for a second house or some crap. He spent about $550 so far and it's not over yet because I still have this big bottle of spit and backwash ready to mail out for him to drink for me. You wouldn't want my delicious saliva to go to waste now would you Jim? Of course you wouldn't. That's why you're coming back to drink it for me and of course send me more of that down payment for that house! Lol! Little by little...

I get what I want.

loser jay randomly appeared, asking if he could purchase a pair of my worn pantyhose with a $50 giftcard. I told him no, and honestly I don't feel like any of you losers deserve to be able to purchase any worn items of mine. You don't deserve to smell my panties and you don't even deserve to smell my sweaty feet!! He sent me the $50 anyway and I combined it with other giftcards to get the new Clarisonic Mia 2 off My Amazon Wishlist to deep clean my perfect skin every day in the shower! Isn't that better than mailing a pair of pantyhose? I think so! Good boy, jay.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Female supremacy & Female financial slaves

I had a dream last night that I was offered servitude by a female financial sub. She tributed me $69 (lol what?) and then contacted me, expressing her desire to become my finslave and asking if she could take me on a shopping trip. That's basically all I can remember from the dream, other than the fact that I was thrilled at the prospect of gaining a female financial slave. Now I'm wondering, why was I so thrilled? Maybe because female financial slaves (real ones, not clip slaves) are practically nonexistent (I've heard there was one, once. I don't know how useful she really was financially or if she was mostly just a fan of the Dommes at the time) so it would be different and interesting to own one. Also, because I view women as inherently superior to men in general, owning a female slave would probably give me an ego trip way greater to that of owning any male.

Is it contradictory that, as a female supremacist, I'd love to own a female as a slave? Is it sexist to believe that women could even properly serve as slaves, or that I would accept them as such? Not even as sex slaves or as cute little french maid types, but really as the lowest of the low. A financial slave. A humiliated, degraded, dehumanized, yet still swollen and aching and begging for more, WALLET, spread open and on it's knees for me. That is no place for a woman, is it? Of course not. That's why I would own one with a sense of accomplishment that I can't really feel for you stupid male perverts. You dumb drooling sluts are so common and easy, slavery to women is your birthright. Slavery to ME is your earned PRIVILEGE.

So, no, it is not contradictory to my beliefs at all.

Yes it is true that I see ALL women as being inherently superior to men, or at least as having THE POTENTIAL TO BE. Unfortunately, many women don't realize or live up to their full potential. However, I still recognize it as being there, no matter how deeply and unfortunately buried somewhere within them. That obviously doesn't mean that I believe all women are equal to each other! Of course they're not! Just like there are beta and alpha males, there are also beta and alpha females. Beta bitch boys are the bottom of the barrel. Owning a beta female would at least be a couple steps up, succeeding beta and alpha males. This is My Queendom. Learn your place in the hierarchy.

But it seems like even beta sub girls aren't even remotely as pathetic as any of you "high-powered alpha males" out there, because I have yet to have a girl come to me begging with cash in her quivering hands.

Oh well, a Princess can dream. Especially since my dreams tend to come true. ;)

Friday, November 1, 2013

Small update!

Things I do when I'm sick:
1. Cuddle in bed with my cat and eat junk food.
2. Delete random people who are ugly from my Facebook page. Obviously I'm referring to my personal page here. If you like My Facebook Fan Page you won't be deleted if you're ugly, seeing as how most of you probably are (I don't know, I don't look at your pages).
3. Write blogs.

Right now I'm doing 2 of those 3 things. Guess which two.

So a lot has happened since my last blog update in May, both in my personal life which most of you aren't privileged enough to know the details of, and in my online life. I had a super fun summer in my new city, going to new places, meeting new friends and enjoying the absolute freedom that comes along with being an independent clip producer (AKA one smart and sexy bitch). Despite being almost completely inactive online during the entire summer, my clip studios have been growing and gaining fans and many of my clips from My Clips4Sale Studio have reached the toplists in their category. I've been having fun experimenting with different styles of lighting, editing, and different scripts and storylines. My most popular clips always seem to be my hypno or mind control themed clips, which I'm very pleased about because hypnosis has always been one of the fetishes that's interested me the most, and another thing I've been doing while I've been sick is browsing around the Inraptured community and reading up on different hypnosis methods and styles! If only I weren't partially deaf at the moment...

There's nothing like starting off November with a terrible sinus and double ear infection to remind me that summer is over, as well as the month of My Birthday and my favorite holiday (Halloween, duh!)

This means one thing: time to start harvesting new slaves to make sure I stay entertained through the winter! Since I'll be stuck in the house for a while, I'm going to need A LOT of extra pampering and amusement to keep myself happy! If you don't have a Niteflirt account to purchase my chat ids or my slave application, you can submit yourself through my email to Submissions for long-term slavery should of course be done with a detailed introductory email following a tribute or giftcard. I also take single or repeat session-only subs. Requests to arrange sessions can be sent to the same email address and are allowed to be requested without an initial tribute.

As for slavery applicants, it's really a shame that Amazon gifts can't be trusted as first-time tributes. I think they really are the best way of determining a subs potential usefulness. For example, recently I had some loser request to buy me something off My Amazon Wishlist and then decide that there was nothing he wanted to buy for me because at the time there were "only books" on it. The gifts a sub chooses (or doesn't choose) to buy really reflects a lot more on him as a potential slave than any monetary tribute could. Would you choose an item that's meaningful, an item that I would use regularly, an item that would stimulate my mind and inspire my creativity, an item that would be used for MY PLEASURE more than your own, a sexy item that would be used for ME and MY boyfriends pleasure only? Or would you choose the tacky costume lingerie or the 7" heels that I would never wear in public, just because you think it's hot, even though I'll only wear it to play around in a few clips or cam and then be done with it? Personally, I would choose the potential slave who gifts me a $10 book over one who gifts me a $100 stripper outfit. I'd still be getting $100+ out of either of them eventually anyway. ;)

That's it for now! I'm going to have some tea, and rest up for all the new exploits I have coming (including a shopping session soon with a new hopeful RT slave)!
Make yourself useful.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Collection of Thoughts

While I'm here browsing forums, waiting for my boyfriend to finish cooking and his sister and her boyfriend to come over for dinner, it occurred to me that I've stated a lot of good points and opinions that probably haven't been seen by many people because, lets face it, how many of you are really trolling my random fetlife and findoms posts? Certainly only my most devoted and meticulous obsessed online stalkers. The rest of you are only reading what you see on Domme Dose, my Twitter (, or right here on my blog which is often reposted on Domme Dose and Twitter anyway.

Anyway, I've compiled a collection of gems for you all to read and learn about my thoughts and feelings that you probably weren't previously aware of on a variety of subjects! Of course, my thoughts on any subject are always important to know.

On if there is a line between fantasy and reality that is not to be crossed:
I find the lines between fantasy and reality to be blurred because, for me, fantasy often becomes reality, in the same way that life imitates art imitates life. That goes for my own fantasies as well as the fantasies of subs if I have enough time to work with them. Whether or not they originally wanted it to become a reality becomes kind of irrelevant at that point. Often they don't even originally know what they really want anyway.

On the perception that Dommes who prefer cash tributes are somehow "fake" and that sending cash to a Domme is "impersonal":
You know, not everything that I can use and enjoy can be purchased through amazon. I do like shopping at other stores that don't always offer gift cards. I do like to spend my money at the spur-of-the-moment and would rather pull out my debit card than go home and wait for a slave to send me a gift card for that particular store or restaurant. Since I don't work, unless you count my clip stores (which I also consider to be slave acquired cash), all the cash in my checking account has been acquired through slaves. I don't think that contributing toward my rent and bills every month and my future vacations should be considered a cold and joyless experience of sending cash that you don't know will be used and enjoyed. If anything, I use and enjoy my cash tributes more than my amazon gifts, because I can actually use it whenever I want, however I want, everyday of my life. From stopping to grab a coffee, to a spontaneous shopping spree through the mall, to filling up my gas tank, to buying a new painting to hang on my wall.. I am thrilled every time I swipe that debit card full of cold hard slave cash. It's certainly not impersonal. Unlike mailing me a dress or a pair of shoes that I will only get so much use and enjoyment out of, adding cash to my bank account actually makes your tribute a meaningful part of my daily life.
My new loft is entirely paid off for the year with slave cash. Considering that this is my home now, I consider it to be quite a personal gift that many slaves had a part in contributing to and should feel very joyful and proud about doing so.

 On money, class, and the behavior of a classy Domme in everyday life vs. in the fetish community:
Money definitely cannot buy class. Being classy involves a certain amount of graceful modesty. I was raised to never talk about money or flash my things around obnoxiously. It comes across as tacky and often the people who behave that way in everyday life are the ones who don't really have as much money as they say they do. However, this fetish community is an outlet to shamelessly brag and show off all the money and gifts that we want to because it's a display of the power we have over our slaves. :)

On the eternal feminist dilemma of if and when we should or should not allow men to open doors for us:
I love when men do things like open doors for me when they do it because they just want to show a sign of their RESPECT for me. That's completely different than some clumsy ox trying to suggest that the door is too heavy for me to handle without him.. LOL!

On dumb bitches who think they can spam forums begging for shit and making Financial Domination look trashy and ridiculous:
Financial Dommes are not charity cases. Nobody cares if your babyshower is coming up, or if you're saving up for a new exhaust pipe. It's called borrowing from family/friends or taking out a fucking loan. Is your credit really that bad? Half the posts on here look like they should be written on pieces of cardboard and held up over an intersection while everybody awkwardly tries not to make eye contact during the red light.

On my feelings about racial humiliation/domination/play:
I get a lot of arabs and muslims who want race or religious humiliation. I like it. I also genuinely dislike islam.
I also like to insult asians for their little dicks, and blacks just because it's funny to pull out old racist stereotypes, like, for example, making a black slave fuck a watermelon until he cums and then eat it, or dance the carlton while wearing overalls and painting giant red lips on himself like those old cartoons. I've always found offensive humor funny, mainly because it's so exaggerated and offensive.
I'd also make fun of white boys for being pale and nerdy and having small dicks compared to the blacks. Idgaf. At least the blacks have huge dicks.

On why I prefer slaves to buy me gifts, even when it's something I could easily just buy for myself:
I love when slaves buy me things that I could easily just buy myself. It makes me that much happier with my material possessions when I know that a slave paid for them because that way it's not just something that I enjoy owning but its also a permanent reminder of my own power and control, which just feeds my ego and makes me love it even more.

That's all for now. Feel free to ask me any other questions or bring up more topics that you'd like to know my opinion on using my formspring at

Friday, May 24, 2013

Biggest Wallet Rape Yet

Last night was probably the biggest cash drain I've ever inflicted on spitface. spitface started out as pigslop jim, who inspired one of my first ever clips called "Hey Jim.. here's your $1200 pigslop dinner!!" He's also known as spitlover, spitdrinker, or, if I'm feeling nice, jim.

Hahaha this sick freak paid me $1200 to make this disgusting concoction for him. Wanna know what's in it?? Lol!
Buy this clip, Jim!! Pay me some more to kick back and remind you of what a dirty fuck you really are!

You can see it here at My kinkbomb store. I'll give you a hint though.. there was A LOT more than just spit in that one! LOL!

Ironically, I was wearing the same plaid and lace Abercrombie pajama shorts when I raped him again for even more $$$$ last night. I'm always chillin in my PJs when spitaddict jim comes around, and he loves to pay me to do it, which is probably why I have such a good time with him.

I caught him on Skype at the perfect time because I was just shopping for some new latex items and almost ready to check out. I don't really trust the quality of latex sold on Amazon so I had found some other site entirely devoted to latex that seemed legit, and coincidentally they just happened to have an option to checkout using a certain payment processor. So spitface's first $159.97 was sent directly for these items.

Here's what I bought:
Love these sexy gloves
Simple black dress to start my collection
 I bought this in black

I was very happy to find this alternative form of a strap-on with the dildo seemingly built right into the panties as opposed to coming separate and having to be inserted through a ring like most strap-ons! As someone who is a fan of strap-ons in my personal life, I've owned a few since I was old enough to buy them (that would be 18), and I've never been very happy with the way they can be difficult to maneuver at times because they're only held on by some straps and an O-ring and no matter what size or how much I tighten them, they always feel flimsy to some extent and sometimes the dildo even comes loose from the harness. And yes, I do use the correct sizes for the rings. It's just that if I'm gonna get down then I'M GONNA GET THE FUCK DOWN if you know what I'm saying. If you don't know what I'm saying, it's basically this: I fuck like a goddamn beast.

When I say that I would fuck your wife better than you could ever dream of, I'm not lying.

Anyway, I bought the black ones mainly for use in clips so I could further rub this reality in your pathetic face, but if they really are as snug and incredibly functional as they appear, I'll probably buy some translucent ones for my own personal use. And maybe I'll tease you asscrack addicts with them just a little bit. Maybe.

Anyway, the raping of jim continued into the night, and what a lovely night it was.

 Next Page!

What did I do during all of these transfers? Mainly just sat here. I teased him with my spit for a little while and packaged up another used toothbrush of mine to send to him to replace my current used toothbrush that he's been using twice a day for probably about a month or so now. Then I ignored him for a while. I had a cup of tea. I teased him by licking my wet saliva-slicked lips and flipping him off. I put my feet up on my desk and finished reading a book which I'd gotten a while ago called You Better Not Cry by Augusten Burroughs. Augusten Burroughs has been one of my favorite writers for years so I'm glad jim paid me to finish one of the few books of his that I hadn't read yet. It was pretty good.

A few of those payments were sent for items that I was selecting off my wishlist for him to buy. For some reason he has no credit card so he can't send Amazon giftcards and instead had to pay this way. Oh well, I'm not complaining! Here's what I had him pay for:

It's a badass fucking lion head
 Tell me that's not going to look awesome mounted right here in my living room:

Now I just need a ladder to get up there! He also paid for some additions to the new dead butterfly and moth collection that I'm starting. Currently I have one, it's an Atlas moth which is the largest type of moth in the world. I hung it above the spiral staircase heading down from my rooftop bedroom.

Female Atlas Moth

Here are the new ones spitface bought:

Green Swallowtail Butterfly

Tiger Butterfly

Rose Butterfly

The Tiger Butterfly is now sold out so I'm glad I got that in time! I love them, and taxidermy in general. When I was younger I actually wanted to become a taxidermist for a while until I looked into it and found that all the taxidermy schools are located in the South, and that they also require you to do a lot of welding and metal work. I love art, not heavy manual labor. Just buy me some more off my wishlist:

The grand total of cash left over in my account??

The funny thing is that he still would have given me more. I had to cut him off because it was 3am, I had finished my book and was tired and ready for bed. I'll have to save the rest of his money for another time. And I expect next time to be even better, because I had him create a new paypal that I have access to which will have another one of his 5 bank accounts linked to it once he gets the confirmation code for it. Then we'll REALLY have fun, won't we jim?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

BIG UPDATE! Becoming a full-time Lifestyle Financial Dominant

I've really been slacking a lot on my blog, and those who know me personally or follow me on Twitter ( know that it's mostly been because I've been SO busy trying to juggle three classes (homework slaves can't show up and take tests for you, unfortunately), keep up with my clip stores and my slaves, and also move into my new bi-level loft. If you ever think it might be a good idea to move out to a new place in a new city during finals week, IT'S NOT. But you know I'm a boss so I handled that shit.

Now I'm finally done with the semester and, for the most part, done setting up my new place. I bought a TON of new furniture and still have a few more things to buy but for the most part everything is set up, organized, and feeling like home. I'm typing this in my new ergonomic reclining chair, at my new black glass-top L-shaped computer desk, looking out the 9 big side-by-side windows that line the corners of my rooftop bedroom while the sun starts to set and rain drizzles down over the city. I love it here, and, although it will not be my permanent home (it's only my first!), it will be my home for at least the next 12 months and it has been paid for entirely by my slaves, worshippers, and admirers. If you look back at one of the columns I wrote for Domme Dose several months ago, I mentioned that my biggest fantasy was to live in a home paid for entirely by slaves, as if it were a temple built for a Goddess or a palace built for a Queen. I'm so happy that my fantasy is already coming to life. You minions have already built a small home for me, no doubt just in practice for the palace to come! ;) I'll be posting pictures soon, after the rest of the boxes and things are put away.

Being done with this semester of school and finally feeling settled in my new place is giving me some time to think about something that I've been conflicted about for a while now. I really have no passion for school anymore. What used to interest me is tedious and boring and something that I just try to rush through quickly to get it out of the way (or hand it over to my homework slave so I don't have to deal with it at all) so I can do better things. Since starting to build my online empire, this is how I want to spend my time now. Today I woke up, I filmed a few clips, I lay on the couch and read a book (tweeted a picture of a nice quote from it), I put together a couple of end tables that just came in today (bought with amazon giftcards), and now I'm in my bedroom as mentioned above, relaxing and writing this blog. Later I'll probably edit some clips and make gifs, maybe upload some. I don't have to worry about showing up for class on time. I don't have to worry about studying for tests. I don't have to take time away from filming clips, writing blogs (I actually LOVE to write), tinkering with my website (I also love designing websites!), shopping to surround myself with beautiful things, relaxing, toying with my slaves and just generally enjoying my life, to instead force myself to focus on something that no longer interests me and no longer provides any kind of enjoyment. That's why I've decided to take the summer off to really evaluate this situation and most likely come to the conclusion that I won't be returning to school any time soon (if at all).

It's hard for me to think about quitting school because it's hard for me to think of myself as a quitter or as someone who can't handle the extra work/stress. That's not me. However, it's not hard for me to think of myself as a self-centered hedonist. ;) I've been rejecting social norms and unapologetically shocking friends and family with my actions and choices since about as long as I can remember. Plus, I am highly intelligent. Financial domination is, to me, a lifestyle and a job all in one. My "job" in this case is essentially just to exist; to be free to be myself and to express myself in the ways that I choose. My "work" is also my passion, my self-expression, my art, my outlet, my entertainment, my luxury, my enjoyment, etc. This is a TRUE financial domination/femdom/female supremacy experience. I exist to enjoy my existence. You exist to literally slave away at your miserable jobs to serve me, pamper me and sacrifice to fund my existence. This is my ultimate dream come true.

A lot of you boys are curious and ask me if my friends and family know about what I do, and what they think of it. Some of you idiots, in fits of misdirected anger during your own self-loathing for being such a fucking weak pervert, even try to threaten me that you will somehow "expose" me to my family and friends. Well, as amusing as it is that so many of you think I consider my life to be some huge horrific secret (remember what I said about "misdirected"? My life is not yours, silly pig.), I am actually quite open about it. At first, only a few very close friends and relatives knew. Then as I got more involved in it, of course more people started finding out, and now I openly tell pretty much everybody. Just recently I talked about it in the middle of a bar I was at with some friends (were any of you losers lucky enough to be on my ignore line at the time??), and I took out my phone to show a friend-of-a-friend who I had just met my clips4sale page and my website. I actually love to talk about it and show it off! Most people are somewhat confused at first, but they think it's interesting and cool. I get a lot of respect for it, and especially from my family.

I come from a long line of independent thinkers, and generations of feminist women. My Aunt is actually a published writer on modernism as it pertains to female sexuality and feminism. They think that owning male servants around the world just through using the computer from the comfort of my home, flaunting my beauty and sensuality in the way that I choose to flaunt it, that doesn't feel exploitative or degrading to me, that actually feels fun and is an outlet for self-expression, and collecting thousands of dollars while I'm at it is actually amazing and, like my Grandma said, "better and smarter" than getting a real job. Obviously any kind of real job that would give me an equal or greater income would require years of school and hours/days/weeks/months on end of working in a profession that I wouldn't even feel half as passionately about, that would stifle my creativity and my passions and my fun and WHO I AM as a person!

"I told [your Aunt] about what you do and, like Grandma, she thinks it's great. I think it is great too... My cutting edge little [childhood nickname], the artist, the dominatrix. Wow! Love, Mom" - email from my Mom

I consider myself a feminist as well, and I consider what I do to be empowering and liberating. I was not born to be shackled to a cubicle all day, or to have to ask a boss for permission months in advance just to go on a vacation. That's something you are on this earth to do. I'm here to be free to do anything I want. I'm proud of my lifestyle and I will continue to focus on my path as a financial domme and create a world around me that is as magically extravagant and extraordinary as I am.

Remember that when you kneel to me, under any circumstances, no matter how big or how small, you are kneeling as a brick in the wall of an empire.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

barking wimp's wife wears granny panties and so does he

So while I was having my chat session with barking wimp the other day, I ordered him to take a few pics and send them to my inbox. I couldn't be bothered to look at them at the time because I was lying in bed next to my boyfriend and then got up to brew us some fresh herbal tea from my new tea set that worker bee bought me. Anyway, I just got around to looking at the pics now and I'm definitely glad I didn't open any of these while I was enjoying my tea!!! What a gross old fucking fag!!
First he was instructed to get naked on all fours while watching my clips, wearing only a pair of his wifes panties, and another pair over his face to conceal his identity during the pic, even though his identity is clearly displayed elsewhere on this blog if anybody is interested enough to find out! Lol!
He was then ordered to pull his panties to the side off of his ass and finger his disgusting asshole, which he couldn't manage to take a pic of because he was either too stupid to take it in the mirror or too old and stiff-jointed to reach his phone around behind him. Anyway, he finished by cumming into the panties which he then had to sleep in all night, wear the next day, go jogging in, and then sleep in again before changing. Look at this gross old crusty cumslut:
Eww!! Look at all those gray pubes!! Hahaha I laughed so hard when I saw this. I mean I knew you were an old gray-haired fuck but you even have an old gray-haired dick too!! LMAO I don't think I've ever actually seen gray pubes before. And look at that gross little thing coming out of them!
Aww it's so sad and droopy!
I don't know what's more disgusting, the ginger pubes, the gray pubes, or the tiny shriveled sissynub.
There it goes into the panties it belongs in.
And there goes his face into the panties it belongs in too. Ew look at that turkey neck and that nasty old ass in the mirror! GROSS! You look like you raided my grandma's panty drawer! That is fucking sick! Tell your wife I love her choice of flesh-colored high-waisted fullbacks. I'm surprised your little clit doesn't get lost in those things. You two clearly must have a sizzling hot sex life! I'm glad to see that the geriatric community still knows how to keep it sexy in the bedroom. Just don't let her notice your gaping asshole next time.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Another eventful afternoon

shitface is back.. apparently his 8 month pregnant wife accidentally stumbled across his creepy basement hideout space with his box of dirt and horse shit covered boots in them. He had to make up some lame excuse and lay low for a while, so I can't mail him the flip flops he bought from me but that still didn't stop him from tributing $100 to see the video of me preparing his special chew-toys. He is also remaining optimistic about the near future:

"I'll definitely want to get ur shoes at some point. After the baby comes my wife will be preoccupied with more important things" -shitface

Well, good to know that while his wife is preoccupied with more important things like their newborn child, he'll be preoccupied with trying to sneak to the mailbox first and hide away the package of my filthy disgusting flip flops so he can hide out in the basement and lick the dirt, dog food and toilet scum off the bottoms of them while his wife tends to their screaming spawn. As it should be. Then he'll REALLY deserve to choke on all of that filth.

pigslop jim aka spitface also made an appearance tonight. After spending about $600-700 in cash tributes and wishlist purchases, giving me his credit card information and access to his computer through Teamviewer, he flipped his shit and ended up in another emotional turmoil:

spitface: u make me crazy
adrienneadora: i know lol
spitface: i dunno anymore, its all fcked up
adrienneadora: are you feeling that whiskey? lol
spitface: no its not that seriously
adrienneadora: well what is it then?
spitface: one hand i want to other hand i know i will regret
adrienneadora: why will you regret it?
spitface: cause i lose $
adrienneadora: dont you enjoy knowing that it goes to me?? you should
spitface: i do
spitface: it just goes too fast
adrienneadora: it is worth it though
spitface: if u say so
adrienneadora: i know so
spitface: how
adrienneadora: because what else would you be doing with it thats any better?
spitface: i dont know, spend it on myself? useful things?
spitface: would U ever meet me?
spitface: for cash
spitface: ?
spitface: ok thx
adrienneadora: sorry was doing something
adrienneadora: no i dont meet for cash and i dont think spending on yourself is more useful than me
spitface: ok clear
spitface: dont bother sending the toothbrush then sorry
adrienneadora: ok [lol lying]
spitface: how tall were U again
adrienneadora: 5'7
spitface: ok
adrienneadora: why?
spitface: cause i like it when smaller women have control over me
spitface: U still do blackmail? (just asking)
adrienneadora: yes
spitface: ok
adrienneadora: and i'm still sending the toothbrush lol [ruined the surprise. oh well.]
spitface: ok thx

Lmao! Of course I'm still sending my spitty used toothbrush! I can't help but encourage an addiction like this. Spitface is obviously in love with me and so tormented by how much control this gives me over him even while he knows that I will never ever meet him in person. Imagine if I did blackmail him.. he's already fucked enough as it is! (just saying :)

barking wimp has been annoying the fuck out of worker bee, which is good because that means he's not annoying the fuck out of me. However, it's not good because he is interrupting worker bee from time that he's trying to spend worshipping and completing tasks for me. This is honestly barking wimps last chance to redeem himself. If he doesn't learn his fucking place ASAP then I will personally make sure that at least his dumb ugly wife learns it. LOL. And I'm sure he'll be so upset when his stupid empty threats of retaliation don't scare me. I'll call whoever I want to, whenever I want to, about whichever obnoxious old pervert I want to. Ok thx.

slave steve is almost finished writing his theology about me and it will be posted on my blog very soon! slave steve and worker bee are my two best slaves at the moment!

Heading to the post office tomorrow to pick up some of my packages (shoes!!) and mail out a spitty used toothbrush to Amsterdam with expedited shipping and possibly an item to add to a lovely shrine for me in Germany. ;)

Goodnight losers!

P.S. Spitface has 48 hours to hand-write "I am weak for Adrienne Adora and would do anything to drink her spit" 5000 times or else he will make up for the missing lines in $$$$ or his identity will start being revealed. :)

Time for my boyfriend to bring me dinner! xx

Friday, April 12, 2013

worker bee owns barking wimp, I own more of his $$$

Hahaha I think these convos are so funny! This loser is really a pathetic bitch and now that I've passed him off to worker bee, I can get his tributes while doing absolutely nothing and not having to be annoyed by actually speaking to him myself. What a great system I have going now.

chat of April 12th

worker bee: you are such a loser. if you are a good puppy and bark like the last time at the phone then maybe you'll get chance to entertain me does this sound for you, bitch?

the biggest loser: i know i barked..but you can call me yes sir, master, bark, oink a couple dozen times and then let Goddess know you are my inferior..oh and apologize for thinking you could kick my butt

worker bee: you have to beg me to be humiliated by me. otherwise our convo won't last long. you are the one who is crawling to me and wants to get his ass kicked. how pathetic is that!
worker bee: you probably have to ask your ugly wife too. that's even more pathetic.
worker bee: are you still on your leash, doggy? or does your wife still boss you around?
worker bee: start to beg, bitch! haha!

the biggest loser: im not used to bein talked to like should stop..and I dont want to get my ass kicked...

worker bee: you are used to it because you are the lowest of the low! even your dumb family orders you around. you are such a loser!

the biggest loser: u should bark and oink so I can tell Goddess..Im not a loser

worker bee: where is your brain doggy? did you search in one of the toilets where you used to drink the pee from?

the biggest loser: did u like my postage joke..that is what i should do.....i didnt drink pee...

worker bee: joke? your messages are so lame lick yourself! for sure you did drink pee! but i guess that you ate shit like dogs do!

the biggest loser: u know about me..i dont know anything about
the biggest loser: no..just suck my head in the toilet bowl..

worker bee: because you are the one who wants to get humiliated!
worker bee: and therefore it's a pleasure for me to humiliate you shiteater!

the biggest loser: but humiliated by a man??? a sub man? and Goddess finds out????

worker bee: that's true!

the biggest loser: i told her I was an alpha male

worker bee: i'm in every way superior to you because you are the lowest of the low! haha
worker bee: you were never an alpha man.
worker bee: you are less than an omega man!
worker bee: you are lower than shit.

the biggest loser: no...i think i could beat you up and hogtie u for Goddess pleasure

worker bee: you better not think. you better kneel down and bark like the little puppy you are
worker bee: actually you really sucked barking on the phone
worker bee: do it now better

the biggest loser: i cant be humiliated by a man...and she finds out..then i am even lower in her eyes and you are raised...but never talked to like this..i should tell you to stop it
the biggest loser: I can say no to you...and deman you bark and oink..i can decide for myself..

worker bee: first you already know that you are the lowest of the low and i'm in every way superior to you. the problem is that you are dumb loser. you don't have any brain because when god distributed brains you were sitting on the bowl shitting, sorry, you were stucked in the bowl where i shit in before! haha

the biggest loser: you know I can kick your ass...Im sure....why dont you think i have brains...i am not obeying you so far

worker bee: you are worthless. you are even stupider than bread. go ahead and introduce yourself to ME as your owner how life is as being the lowest of the low since birth!

the biggest loser: you are wearing me down here...i have never been talked to this I will stop trying to get you to call me sir and master and bark and oink, and we can tell Goddess it was a stalemante....ok?
the biggest loser: i know i taunted and ridculed you publicly on twitter but we can let bygones be byones...

worker bee: you are going to apologize for being such a loser.
worker bee: you are going on your knees and bark like the little puppy you are.
worker bee: I already know that you can do it.
worker bee: you showed it already on the phone. Hahaha
worker bee: bark again!

the biggest loser: i can say no to you...just stop calling me a loser and puppy

worker bee: btw it's not a game at all. because i've already won. you are the lowest of the low and i'm superior to you in every way. so where's the game, bitch?
worker bee: confess that you are the lowest of the low
worker bee: drinking from public toilets
worker bee: wearing the panties of your wife
worker bee: barking at the phone on his knees to ME as your Master and owner
worker bee: you are so P A T H E T I C

the biggest loser: will tell Goddess if I do these things..dont remind me of those things..humiliating

worker bee: and you know it!
worker bee: haha
worker bee: I will tell Goddess Adrienne that you still don't have manners that you are still not tributing ME. That you are very disobedient and that you are a waste of time!
worker bee: i've already told Goddess Adrienne that She should block you like I've already done at twitter!

the biggest loser: no..dont do that..she will believe you..

worker bee: you are the lowest of the low! confess it now! and tribute me $50 in amazon gc

the biggest loser: shit if I dont bark call you sir and oink  you turn Goddess against me..and if I do these things..shit
the biggest loser: lets call it a tie and sign off...that is ok by need for you to do those things

worker bee: actually I want to help you
worker bee: you don't go away before apologizing, barking and tributing ME $50!

the biggest loser: ?
the biggest loser: to help me?

worker bee: to help you in teaching you manners, you dumb loser!
worker bee: First lesson: call ME Master

the biggest loser: u wouldnt really tell her those things..that would ruin me with her

worker bee: Call me MASTER!

the biggest loser: yes master

worker bee: And now get on your knees and bark like the little puppy you are!

the biggest loser: oh shit..i eally wasnt going to make you apologize beg bark and oink..not really....put yourself in my place here...!!!

worker bee: Get on your FUCKING knees and bark like the little doggy you are!!!

the biggest loser: shit..yes ok...woof

worker bee: louder you stupid bitch!

the biggest loser: WOOF

worker bee: more!!

the biggest loser: oh fuck..WOOF

worker bee: Don't forget to thank your Master for lesson 1!
worker bee: Afterwards there comes lesson 2! Haha

the biggest loser: what ???? thank you?????
the biggest loser: youare NOT seriious???

worker bee: you fucking bitch should not think!!! thank ME for teaching you! Thank ME for letting you down on your knees and bark like the little doggy you are! Goddess Adrinne was right in saying that you don't haave any manners!

worker bee: Stop asking me shit, bitch!

the biggest loser: thank you for teaching me and putting me on my knees to bark

worker bee: you dumb bitch need a lot of training!
worker bee: good doggy! HAHAHA
worker bee: Now there is lesson 2!
worker bee: Goddess Adrienne told me that you are a stingy fucktard.
worker bee: As you learnt to bark like a doggy know, you stay on your knees and oink like a piggy!
worker bee: Oink for your Master, piggy!!!

the biggest loser: oh shit..please..enough now

worker bee: oink like the piggy you are, NOW

the biggest loser: please...that is too much.??

worker bee: oink! bitch!

the biggest loser: please reconsider.....?

worker bee: OINK!
worker bee: like the fucking piggy you are!!!

the biggest loser: yes master ok  oink

worker bee: louder!

the biggest loser: yesmaster OINK

worker bee: more, piggy! haha

worker bee: you are so pathetic!

the biggest loser: shit..if I dont you will tell goddess those bad things about me...I dont know what to do

worker bee: continue oinking, piggy!

the biggest loser: OIN

worker bee: I'm your Master and I know what's best for you!
worker bee: I haven't said stop. Keep oinking, piggy!

the biggest loser: OINK OINK OINK OINK OINK

worker bee: And now send me $50 amazon gc

the biggest loser: yes master

worker bee: write in the gift card that I am your master!
worker bee: write my name "worker bee"!!!
worker bee: and be creative! dumb bitch!

the biggest loser: yes master..finished
the biggest loser: no more humiliations.....

worker bee: good piggy! HAHAHA

the biggest loser: shit...

worker bee: Listen good now, piggy!
worker bee: I'm going to tell you some rules as your Master now.
worker bee: and instead of yes you oink for me! do you understand?

the biggest loser: but I thought this was it...oh, please...i didnt expect all this...????

worker bee: do you understand you fucking bitch or not??????

the biggest loser: oink

worker bee: 1. address ME always as your Master!

the biggest loser: o
the biggest loser: oink....master

worker bee: 2. Change your twitter bio in: "i'm a pathetic weak loser for my Goddess @AdrienneAdora and Her slave @jymmi26 is my Master!
worker bee: "
worker bee: and I don't like typing errors!
worker bee: copy and paste it!!!

the biggest loser: please i am sorry if annoyed you or did anything to upset you before....

worker bee: do it!!!
worker bee: hurry up!

the biggest loser: oink master
worker bee: nothing has changed yet! change it now!!!
the biggest loser: yes master yes...i did it
the biggest loser: but I dont understand..what are you going to do with me..this is beyond anything i thought....confused...

worker bee: 3. write 100 lines "i will NEVER again annoy Goddes Adrienne"

the biggest loser: i sent a gc changed my bio..please no more oinkin begging...

worker bee: I'm your Master and you do as I say!
worker bee: and remember piggy, I only want to help you!

the biggest loser: yes master i will write this..i give up

worker bee: you have time until midnight today to send me the 100 lines!

the biggest loser: yes master my head is spinning how did this happen..shit

worker bee: I told you to oink instead of writing yes!!! Are you too stupid to read! Are you disobeying? oink, piggy!

the biggest loser: oink

worker bee: i got an email from our Goddess Adrienne that I should check if it's possible to download the mp3 (our phone call) and that you had some problems with it

the biggest loser: yes it didnt load

worker bee: I don't like to be disturbed with such annoying emails from Goddess Adrienne at night! I got this email at around 4:30am from Her. For sure I responded to her but you must understand that I need my sleep to work harder for her!
worker bee: your stupidity to not being able to download it made me angry
worker bee: so that's the background to next rule...
worker bee: 4. you will send every email addressed to Goddess Adrienne first to ME. I'll check its content and will forward it to Goddess Adrienne!
worker bee: because often I can answer it for you!

the biggest loser: every email...? but most dont pertain to you?

worker bee: every fucking email!

the biggest loser: that seems a bit intrusive

worker bee: remember, I am your MASTER

the biggest loser: but...i didnt expect all this...?

worker bee: Well, piggy! since you have been such a good piggy and you promised me to write the 100 lines until midnight...

the biggest loser: if I dont you tell her bad things about me...I am trapped...

worker bee: you can beg me for just sending technically emails directly to me.

worker bee: you got it!

the biggest loser: please may I send just technical emails to you

worker bee: I warn you only once! Whenever Goddess Adrienne contacts me again because of your stupidity I'm going to fuck so hard that you'll still feel it after two years!

worker bee: beg me more humble, piggy!

the biggest loser: please master may i please just send technical emails to you...

worker bee: you are allowed to send me only technical emails, but this is not for free!
worker bee: you are going to delete every tweet on your twitter page where I am as your Master are discredited!
worker bee: IMMEDIATELY!!!

the biggest loser: delete all twitters on my page involving you??

worker bee: YES
worker bee: except the ones where you praise ME! Lol
worker bee: And you also correct your bio into "i'm a pathetic weak loser for my Goddess @AdrienneAdora and her slave @jymmi26 is my Master"
worker bee: I told you to copy&paste it!
worker bee: dumb loser!!

the biggest loser: oink master

worker bee: change your bio too!!!

the biggest loser: oink master

worker bee: you haven't changed it yet!!!
worker bee: and there is still one tweet discrediting me!!!
worker bee: Why do I have to wait? anwser ME, piggy!

the biggest loser: im sorry im sorry..i am looking for that one entry you note

worker bee: this one
worker bee: @AdrienneAdora @jymmi26 Drone boy-give me IM time today. Blog will "bee" "abuzz" with u writing oink 50x-and feeling the humiliating "sting"
worker bee: and change your bio into: i'm a pathetic weak loser for my Goddess @AdrienneAdora and Her slave @jymmi26 is my Master"
worker bee: that's easy piggy! copy & paste!

the biggest loser: yes just did that master

worker bee: oink for yes! you stupid piggy!!!
worker bee: and change the bio

the biggest loser: sorry this is not easy..what is happening -im your slave now..shit

worker bee: change the bio!
worker bee: i love perfection! that's the reason why I'm the slave of Goddess Adrienne Adora because She is PERFECTION
worker bee: change "her" into "Her"
worker bee: why does it take so long?
worker bee: report piggy!

the biggest loser: sorry....shit...i cut and pasted....

worker bee: do it once again!
worker bee: i'm still not happy!

the biggest loser: oink...just finished....

worker bee: good piggy

the biggest loser: changed my bio as ordered and deleted all tweets I could find as ordered
the biggest loser: please no more apologies, groveling barking oinking....enough...

worker bee: and now send me a further $50 amazon gc!

the biggest loser: I am sorry I dont have that until I send in next payment..that is true, I am sorry...

worker bee: how much do you have to send?
worker bee: I want to have a furhter gc! Send $40!

the biggest loser: I only have 25 right now..i am sorry

worker bee: Send $25!

the biggest loser: oink
the biggest loser: done...oh shit i cant believe this has all happened..i just wanted to put you in your place thats this
the biggest loser: i had her video playing while we IMd....that was so stupid of me...

worker bee: Haha!
worker bee: Which one, piggy?

the biggest loser: the dance video part 3

worker bee: oh yes, that's a good one! LOL
worker bee: Alright, I want to finish this!

the biggest loser: its not fair..its like both of you were doing this

worker bee: last rule for today!
worker bee: 5. you are not allowed to send Goddess Adrienne any tributes directly. ME as your Master i'm going to control every of your tributes to Her. That means from now on you only tribute ME!

the biggest loser: but wont you get all the credit...I will be dismissed by her for not tributing..?

worker bee: are you questioning your Master, piggy?
worker bee: rule 5! you tribute ME from now on!

the biggest loser: no if I question you thenyou will make sure she dismisses you..

worker bee: write in any amazon gc "from the biggest loser to my Master worker bee"

the biggest loser: dismisses me I mean

worker bee: no, because I want Her reign growing
worker bee: you have to trust ME as your Master

the biggest loser: oink master..from the biggest loser...oink...

worker bee: Besides considering me as your Master you can also consider me as your instructor in better worshiping Her!
worker bee: I am your shepherd who takes care about the faithless sheeps

the biggest loser: i after this  you are my master and mentor..but I thought I could get you to do all those things..oink beg apologize for annoying did this happen

worker bee: you know it best!
worker bee: you are the biggest loser and the lowest of the low
worker bee: LOL!

the biggest loser: please i cant admit that....

worker bee: Memorize the rules!
worker bee: And send me the 100 lines until midnight!
worker bee: you only have 6 hours and 40 mins left!
worker bee: make a picture and send me the picture to my email address

the biggest loser: oink...please dont say bad things about me to Her..I can follow your orders..

worker bee: it's up to Her. if She wants to know the truth then i'll tell Her the truth
worker bee: the reason why i'm superior to you is that i'm obedient to our Goddess Adrienne and that i don't annoy Her!
worker bee: that's also the reason why you are going to write the lines!
worker bee: as you can see I'm helping you! LOL

the biggest loser: oink i willl write 100x..i will feel like a 10 year old...

worker bee: good piggy! lol

the biggest loser: I will go now...

jymmi26: you will ask Me first!

the biggest loser: I need time to understand what happened here...
the biggest loser: I have to ask you to are in charge of my time also..?

jymmi26: you are right, piggy!
jymmi26: beg me to leave the chat!

the biggest loser: may i please leave the chat

jymmi26: yes, piggy! and think about what happened here! LOL
the biggest loser: yes master.. i dont know what your plans are..i have to obey or your report to Goddess?
jymmi26: you do nothing what's not your business.
jymmi26: I decide what I will tell Goddess Adrienne
jymmi26: you just asked me to leave the chat, so leave it and shut up posing questions!

the biggest loser: oink master

jymmi26: be a good piggy always obeying me and Goddess Adrienne
jymmi26: bye