Thursday, January 31, 2013

Openings for new slaves!! + Tribute Pics!

I had to get up early for an appointment today so I had some extra time to stop by the post office before class. I was going to also record some new clips in these outfits but decided to crawl back into bed with my boyfriend and nap instead, so clips can wait. I did snap a few pics just now while I tried them on though.

From oinker:

I just noticed this dress is called the "you can't afford me" dress, ha! It's similar to my leopard print dress, only it's snake print! All of you losers should be aware that I LOVE animal prints, especially leopard and snake! I have a clutch that will match this perfectly.
Cute mesh inserts on the back..
And this sexy open mesh top! Showing off my belly ring <3

From babbling wimp who I've been ignoring and debated not even posting these pics but then decided I look way too good not to post them:

This one is my favorite of them all!! Sexy and classy at the same time, and obviously looks amazing on me. I can't wait to record some way overpriced clips in this and the next one just to torment babbling wimp and make him pay for being such an annoying bitch.

Maybe I should have gotten a medium instead of a small, because this one is absolutely SKIN TIGHT, but then again it hugs me so perfectly I don't think I'll exchange it!

I also mailed out Jims pigslop dinner! That's right, it's been wrapped up and fermenting in it's package all this time. He thinks he's still going to be able to eat it. Haha I can't wait to see this happen! I can't even imagine what it must look like by now!
I'm disappointed that I did not receive my hookah from muzzie. I'm sure it should have been there by now. I also haven't heard from him since I mentioned him in one of my columns on The Domme Dose []. Looks like I scared my little brown dog away.. for now at least. In the meantime, I guess this means I have an opening for a new one! Come bow before your white Goddess and forsake that outdated, ridiculous, oppressive and sexist doctrine that you've been forced to live by.

I also have a few more openings, which are:

1. A sissy slave. A lot of my slaves have obvious sissy qualities but I don't have one who is a sissy as their main fetish or characteristic. This is unusual for me because normally sissies are what I have the most of! Where are the little sluts who want to play dress-up? I'm looking for those with a desire to become a full-time sissy whore.

2. A foot slave. Meaning one who will be devoted to worshipping only my feet. He will kneel at my feet, make sure my feet are spoiled at all times and provided with stockings, socks, shoes, pedicures, etc. He will only be allowed to see my feet during sessions and will only be allowed to touch his stupid dick to MY FEET, leaving him entirely controlled and addicted to my perfect soles, arches and toes! Haha!

Obviously the above two would need to also be financial slaves. However I have some special tasks that any slave or sub can do for me without needing to tribute for the privilege.

3. A slave who is computer literate and familiar with uploading/downloading mp3s. I have a playlist of individual songs that I want compiled and emailed to me in a zip file so I can put them on my ipod and listen to them in the car. I will email you the playlist once you contact me about this task.

4. A slave with an interest and extensive knowledge in movies and/or other forms of art. I'd like to start building a collection of unique and artistic films that are relatively unknown. This is because most movies are boring as hell and the really interesting, mentally stimulating and beautiful ones are so hard to come by but I know there are probably tons out there somewhere. I'm also interested in all other forms of art as well. I absolutely love the macabre. If you feel we share the same taste, offer me some recommendations and as you get used to my particular preferences you can fine-tune yourself to find films and artworks that could most please my aesthetic sensibilities.

Get in touch about these positions by emailing me at Obviously sending an initial tribute along with your email will make a better impression. Tribute options can be found on my website or sent through any of my clips stores or niteflirt!

Ta-ta for now, bitches.

Message to annoying losers: DO NOT top ME from the bottom!

Since babbling wimp has already failed as a homework slave and as a slave in general, I figured I could at least let him not fail at one thing which is in being an example to others of how NOT to act. Today after leaving passive-aggressive posts in my twitter conversation with another potential slave which had absolutely nothing to do with him, he realized his ploy for my attention still wasn't working so he sent me a stupid babbling email as usual:

"..thought you might need a homework backup with me moving on [I already have more than enough potential backups, thanks] ...there really is a difference between enslaving those who are already sub when they connect [I would hope that potential slaves who contact me are already submissive! If you aren't already submissive then why the fuck are you stalking online Dommes and obsessively emailing and contacting me with a desire to serve?] and others like me who are 80% there but need to be snared [bullshit lol "needing to be snared" isn't the same as obsessively sending "lists" of things that you decide "need" to be done during sessions on a regular basis or else you will "pull away" and --surprise! send more stupid lists of your own dumb fetishes that you want me to play out with you] and are a bit older and tougher [lol you are the weakest most pathetically obsessive loser there is, and that's comparing you to a lot of pathetic losers I know] -and need to find someone who enjoys this and has the time, patience for it...and not sure you are interested in putting in the time short term to pull me in and having a long term slow and steady sub. [MY TIME is VALUABLE] We were VERY close, but too long between sessions and I bounce back....take care.

You will do fine without me of course and wish you all the best with school...! I do have one suggestion-subs do like to know that you receive and enjoy their gifts...I never even heard if you received the dresses....." as I've mentioned every fucking time you've asked, and also in my recent blog post, I haven't gotten around to going to the post office yet. Also, while you are so concerned with me knowing what subs like, let me tell you what Dommes like, which is subs who sit the fuck down and let us do what we want without complaining. I know I'm not the only Domme who feels this way, which is why I've seen you've been blacklisted and dismissed by other well-known Dommes as well lol.]"

My email back:

"You were not my homework slave backup in the first place, which I've already told you, but thanks for sticking your nose into another subs convo with me for no reason lol. I'm going to the post office to pick them up tomorrow since I have to get up early for an appointment before class. I do have a life outside of giving wank sessions to perverts on the internet. If you were more willing to compensate financially for my time then I'd obviously be more willing to do sessions with you. Apparently you need a domme who has no life and wants to accommodate some old losers schedule and also who doesn't mind your obnoxious attitude. It's not called being an "80% sub" or whatever you want to call yourself, it's called topping from the bottom and you do it to an incredibly annoying extent."

So now I hope you are ALL well aware, and act accordingly. :) I'll leave you with an email that I actually enjoyed receiving:

"Dear Goddess Adrienne Adora,

find kindly pasted our conversation through Twitter direct messages:

Well first of all introduce yourself properly, tell me your age, what you are studying and your job, etc.
my name is Jym M., i'm 30 years old, i graduated in December 2011 and hold a MA in Middle Eastern studies. I had been jobless for almost one year. In summer 2012 i had been doing an internship for 3 months. In January 2013 i started a further internship but with an guarantee to sign a contract. i'm very cheap and try to save as much money as possible to tribute and spoil You. i'm German and i'm living at the moment in Hamburg but i have to commute to Berlin once a month and this week 3 times extraordinarily. Every time i'm angry to pay money for traveling between the cities. Money i could spent on You. i don't make much money at the moment but i'll get a contract soon. i've already told You about my financial situation.
Also tell me your interests and experiences in being a slave.
i love to be at an absolute minimum to exist. When i can't afford to pay groceries anymore at the end of the month, it really shows me that You control me and that i'm suffering for You. i'm totally addicted to You, especially to Your perfect ass. My experience as a slave started in around 2011. i checked out several so called dommes and wasted too much money on them. But the relationship never lasted more then a couple of weeks bc i realized that i struggle too much with them and they can't control me at all even when i wore a chastity device. i'm interested in a long-term relationship something never worked before. But i believe that i'm well experienced now to understand what a great Goddess i've found in You. According to Your blog entries you are so cruel and unpredictable that i would never dare to disobey You. But i know that i have to be patient bc i don't make enough money to please You at all. To make it short i'm interested in a long-term relationship, ass worship, goddess worship, chastity. For now i can offer You to praise and spread Your name through Twitter, blogs or other platforms. i don't want to be disloyal, disobedient and an attention whore. i'd love to be called Your slave. Please tell me if this was an proper introduction of myself or not, or, if there's something missing.
In February i'll stay one month together with my sister in one room and will only be online sporadically.
i worship You daily but now i'm wondering if i do it correct?! How is it appropriate, for instance, is stroking permitted?
Are there any rules how to behave as a potential slave or will i be taught in a session with You soon?"

Patience is a virtue, especially when you know that you have to actually be able to please ME in order to be able to serve ME.

Monday, January 28, 2013

slave jay finds a use for his pathetic life

Why I tribute my Goddess, Princess Adrienne

"When I wake up in the morning and realize just what a loser I am, I used to have no real reason to roll out of bed. I would just get around to it once I got tired of laying there lol. But that has changed. Now, although I am just as much of a loser as I was before, I have a reason to get up. Because I know I serve Princess Adrienne. She gives my pathetic life meaning, A reason. I know I could never please a Woman like her in any way at all except for submitting to her with my money, I mean her money, and my loyalty. Whenever I work I know it isn't towards much, but when I finally get my meager pay check I have no greater desire than to give it to my Princess. I get this special feeling when I tribute her, like I actually have a purpose in life. My little clitdick starts to tingle when I type in the information for sending her a tribute. Just the thought of her spending HER money on nice things, a day out with the Girls, or a special night with her real Man makes me feel complete. I know while she is out having a wonderful time and living in the lap of luxury, I am at home with a little stiffy that I am not allowed to touch, getting satisfaction only from pleasing her. With my blue balls and throbbing tiny cock trapped in my tight little black thong (which makes my balls ache even more) I get an orgasm of pleasure that is strictly mental. My agony in exchange for her pleasure sounds like a good deal to me. If I had a house I would sign it over to her, while remaining as her live in servant, or even human furniture if she saw fit. If I had a car I would trade up on it to provide her with an even nicer car, all for her. If someone was willing to pay me for my kidney, I would go under the knife just to have more to give her. In a perfect world, the only privilege I could ever hope to receive would be to transform into the insole of her shoe, to provide comfort to her perfect feet forever. I tribute my Princess because my wants and needs are far far less important than hers. And I just want to make my Princess Happy."  -- slave jay

I am very pleased.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tribute Blog Post from slave jay

"Dear Princess, I am but your Humble, Near worthless Slave, But I Give myself to you fully. Serving you this Past Month and a half has been the best, Most fulfilling thing in my life. Ive already Served you Longer, and Tributed you more than I Have with any other past Domme I have served. And I Want to keep On serving you :).  Reading the Blog you wrote Really got me thinking. It both made me Jealous of other slaves you have under your Power, and made me Want to be a better slave for you. I am deeply sorry that i am Such a pathetic loser that I cant be your best slave at this point. But what i can give you is my Undying Loyalty, Obedience and Love. A love for you that could only be described as love For a Higher Power.
I often daydream about Me and 2 or 3 other slaves Working to Provide for you, and Give you a Beautiful home, While cooking and Cleaning as your Live in Servants. Of course we would Live in your Basement in our Cages, Waiting there to fulfill your every Beck and Call.
I Am honored as always to be Mentioned by you in any public forum, Let alone the fact that you speak to me at all lol. And I was very pleased about what you Wrote. The whole Blog []was wonderful. I Truly do feel the way you Described me. My greatest And only joy is Pleasing you, and keeping you High above myself. I Should not be jealous of your other slaves really, But i should think of them as Brothers. For we share something A very lucky few get to Experience, The service to an Absolutely Perfect Goddess. But not Just any Goddess, We Serve Princess Adrienne! :) Even saying that gives me a wonderful feeling.

Let me put it to you this way, If i had Magic powers, Id give you a Billion dollars (if i had it) just to be a Speck of dirt stuck to the Sole of your Perfect foot.  I Dare Not ever disobey you, Not that i would ever intend to.  Sitting here writing this, while wearing my Black thong and Knowing it is you who makes me wear it, It is you who Inspired me to Write this, and it is you who will read these words of Devotion, Makes me feel Solidly under your Power. And I hope and Pray (to you) that I will someday be a worthy enough slave to please you Completely.
And if you end up Posting this somewhere for others to read, And your other slaves happen upon it, Hey slaves, we should Join together as a Union of Princess Adrienne Worshipers, A Church, a Religion, a way of life.
So thank you again Princess for the Honor and Privilege of Worshiping you. You're One in Infinity."

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Jealous loser and new shoesss! Pics!

Hahaha babbling wimp is so pissed about my new homework slave, it's so funny! He sent me three emails, none of which I even responded to yet, earlier under the subject line "really?":

    "so I saw your blog where you said that you didnt use any of my you think that, after doing that homework for a couple hours and it being tossed that I would ever be so weak and stupid to agree to do any homework ever again..? [note: yes, obviously] Stick with your other homework slave and hope he can do it all, do it all well, and stays with you long term"

an hour later..

    "..and have you received your dresses yet...? Sent by me of course, not your "new" homework slave*:( sad*~X( at wits' end*&gt;:P phbbbbt"

another hour later...

    "and finally, he does homework for others also...check his profile...."

Lmao he is soo jealous he's even stalking random slaves profiles trying to guess who my new homework slave is! He actually has no idea what he's even talking about.

Anyway, I haven't checked my P.O. Box for my dresses (along with the dresses from oinker and the hookah from muzzie) yet but I did get these shoes today!! How hot are these??

...I know, right? Fucking love Jeffrey Campbell. His shoes are art. Clips soon!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Good slaves working for ME :)

I just had oinker copy all my blog posts from my findoms page to this blog. Good job oinker!! Now all my blogs are organized and in the same place since this is where I will be updating mostly from now on.

Also, my new homework slave has been completing my assignments very well. Class just started today and I've already turned in 3 of my online written assignments and am just waiting to turn in the other two! I will definitely also be using him for essays in the future.

babbling wimp, on the other hand, already spent his day off completing all 5 of the assignments I gave him and now I will be using none of them! Hahaha how's that for a blow to your obnoxious male ego, wimp?? This other slave who you couldn't believe seemed more intelligent and qualified than your PhD educated self has also done a significantly better job on my homework! Your work was just average and I'll be using none of it so I'm glad you wasted your time doing it for me after I made you kneel, oink, bark like a dog and crawl to drink from the hotel toilet bowl! Lol!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

His fantasy, and Mine :)

You are close enough for one of ym biggest fantays to come true almost biggest dreams 
even though this goes againt what I just said lol 
me having a fantasy 

lol youre going to be obsessed with me 

yeah I cant stop already 
may I tell you my fantasy please 


You make me drive all the way to you 
so like 7 hours 
just hand you cash 
and then make me drive back 
drive that far to kneel and hand you cash that is all 

thats actually a very appealing fantasy 

I feel it would be one of the biggest ways of being used 
and humiilated 

it definitely would be 

do you have a fantasy that deals with a slave 

mine is to own slaves around the whole world, to have a large collection of chastity keys on my keychain, and to buy a home paid for entirely by slaves as if they built it for me like a queen