Friday, December 28, 2012

I saved his number in my phone under "ATM"... :)

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: hello 

adrienneadora: hi 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: thanks for contacting me 

adrienneadora: how old are you? 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: 39 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: You want a photo? 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: so, still with me? 

adrienneadora: yes 
adrienneadora: send a pic 
adrienneadora: tell me in which ways you'd like to serve a domme 
adrienneadora: ok thats enough pics lol 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: ok, so explain that 

adrienneadora: explain what? 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: "ok so that's enough pics lol" 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: not happy with what you saw? 

adrienneadora: no lol 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: ok 

adrienneadora: do you legitimately have a financial fetish? 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: yes 

adrienneadora: meaning your purpose is to strictly hand over money and nothing else? 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: purpose is to be used by a Domme yes 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: however you describe that would be your words 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: it should be what you want. 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: but basically your words would not be inaccurate 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: however, i am curious what is going on in your head 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: there is some kind of doubt or something, surely having to do with my photo 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: so can you explain what you are thinking? 

adrienneadora: well no, your photo is not attractive but that doesnt really matter. whats going on in my head is i am imagining if i told you to meet me at an atm in xxxxxxxxxx, if you would meet me there and just go to the atm and take out whatever amount i wanted. then just walk away from there and leave you. maybe allow you to kneel or say thank you for a moment first 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: i don't expect you to be attracted to me 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: i know my place and i realize in general what you want me for 

adrienneadora: i would enjoy that situation, to just take your money and leave and let you know whenever i wanted more money. i could also record the transaction for my youtube channel, but thats not necessary, i can respect the need for privacy sometimes 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: i don't have a problem with what you are saying 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: but if you don't mind i would like to ask a couple of questions so i understand you 

adrienneadora: ok sure 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: first of all, just simply put, what is the ideal situation you seek,for you, if you didn't have to consider the male 

adrienneadora: the one that i just told you lol 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: yes i realize that.. so what about that is enjoyable to you? 

adrienneadora: using you for what i want 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: ok 

adrienneadora: also bragging about it if i were to record it 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: recording is fine, without face 

adrienneadora: thats good 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: let me tell you where i'm coming from ok? 

adrienneadora: ok 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: you will probably be happy to hear some of this as it seems to be what you want 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: i have had low self esteem with women. not sure why but that lead me in the past to prefer what some called bitchy women. 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: i suppose its because the self centered ones are focused on themselves and it takes the worry out of me that i need to hold my end of things 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: so i fit into a role of being used and being ok with it 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: fell into 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: not a good comparison but its sort of like the beaten women going back to her husband, how i was with women. 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: so i realized over time i am submissive and want this kind of treatment. 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: or so of feel its my place with women and i learned to want it 

adrienneadora: i understand, you need a woman to just tell you what she wants and takes it from you 
adrienneadora: then you can know you pleased her 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: so if you are sort of looking for a guy to treat how you want, have the freedom to not care what he thinks about it, then yes i probably fit you 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: yes to what you said 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: however, i don't want it to be based on some online long distance thing 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: that is why i want someone local 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: i am willing to try to fit into whatever role the woman enjoys but i guess within reason 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: how old are you, may i ask 

adrienneadora: im 27 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: so do i sound lik someone you would have interest in? 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: based on what i am saying 

adrienneadora: yes 
adrienneadora: where in xxxxxxxxxx do you live? 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: near xxxxxxxx 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: you? 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: xxxxxxx xxxx 

adrienneadora: oh good i was thinking if we met it would be at the atm in the mall. i live like 20 mins from there 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: how much money are we taling about? 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: so you want to basically contact me when you want money and have me meet you at atms? 

adrienneadora: how much do you make? 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: is that what you are saying? 

adrienneadora: yes 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: do you want anything beynond that 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: i make 34k currently 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: it varies 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: sometimes more 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: its less lately 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: its commission 

adrienneadora: possibly to humiliate you in public a little bit, like i said, kneeling and handing me the money, thanking me, i will record it without your face 
adrienneadora: id want at least 100 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: ok that is what i was going to suggest 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: how often do you want this kind of thing? 

adrienneadora: probably once a week or so 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: random? 

adrienneadora: yeah random days 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: are you in xxxxxxxxxx often? 

adrienneadora: yes because i stay over at my boyfriends place a lot and he lives in xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: i am ok with the kind of meeting you want 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: lets be clear ok 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: i'm not looking for sex and won't push you on that 

adrienneadora: i know that lol 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: with that i don't want him involved in this, monitoring this 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: i don't need a nosy boyfriend in my face 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: i am ok with my role with you as you would want it 

adrienneadora: he wouldnt want to be anyway lol he thinks its all weird. and we're meeting in public anyway 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: yes you are safe 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: i am non threatening 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: you will find me obedient and humble 

adrienneadora: good, well what is your work schedule so i know when you are free? 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: i work 9-5 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: downtown 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: so can be free easily during those ours 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: hours 

adrienneadora: ok 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: yours? 

adrienneadora: i dont work and im on break from school now so it just depends on my social life lol 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: ok 

adrienneadora: let me have your number so i can text you if im around 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: xxx-xxx-xxxx 

adrienneadora: ok 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: so this is what you were looking for? 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: or what you hoped for? 

adrienneadora: yes exactly 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: i would wnat this situation to be what you want 

adrienneadora: it will be 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: i don't want you to feel you need to keep anything to youself 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: yourself, you should be able to be open and honest 
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: ok 

adrienneadora: lol i know i will be 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: dominant women should have men like this and some of us are here to fill that role 

adrienneadora: i love that submissive losers like you exist for us 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: yes 

adrienneadora: im very happy i found you, i think you could be exactly what i want 

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: thank you i am glad you contacted me

Friday, December 21, 2012

Confessions of a loser slave

I asked my clitdick loser jay to write about his experience so far with serving me. I was going to edit his terrible spelling but decided to just copy-and-paste it as it is because I have studying to do. Anyway, the point is that I found this to be very amusing, pathetic and pleasing to me all at the same time. This is an example of how a good and loyal slave should be! 

"Pardon my bad spelling Princess, I am not a great Writer 

My Princess Adrienne 

I First came accross this Absoloutly beautiful Woman on Finndoms one night. I hadnt served anyone As a financial slave in a while, and I knew I wanted to be Someones slave again. When I First saw her Profile, She was soo Beautiful, I knew I had to Submit to her. Now usualy I like to talk to a Potential Domme first, And test the waters so to speak, Because you never know what or who you Might end up with. But when I saw Princess Adrienne I knew she was the Princess for me to serve. I Sent her an email asking if I may tribute her via a giftcard. She accepted and the rest is History. She doesnt know this yet, But after my first initial tribute of $100, I Wanted to send her more. But I am such a loser and I dont drive I had no way to get to town to buy her another gift card. So I had my friend do me a favor. He picked up a Giftcard for me and text me the card Number. I Still owe Him the money for the card, But im just happy he was a good enough friend to Help me out, Enabling me to Tribute my Princess again. 

Because I Dont drive, I only work once a week. It is a 12 hour day, But as you can imagine I dont make much. As of now, I owe one whole pay check to my work from all the advances I took, and Half of the Next pay check. I needed to take Money early, For tributing ofcourse. 

So far I have only Disobayed My Princess Once, By accident ofcourse. She sent me a Wonderful vid of her teasing me with her feet While she deposited the latest tribute I Sent her into herAmazon account. She told me I could Stroke to it, But i was NOT aloud to cum. Well I pushed it too far and Came by Mistake. She Made me pay for that. Ever since I have been wearing the same Black thong as a reminder not to touch my pathetic little dick without Permision. She also made me tie up my Worthless balls as tight as i could. She wanted me to keep them tied for 2 hours, But the pain was soo intense I couldnt last that long. so she aloud me to pay her an Extra tribute in place of keeping my balls tied up for that long. It hurt soo bad I know now that i will NEVER touch myself without permision again. 

I havent been this Happy in a long time. I am so greatful that Princess Adrienne lets me Worship her. it is a True Honor. When I wake up in the Morning, I hope and Pray that there is an Email waiting for me From My Princess. I sit on the Computer like a little Puppy as long as I Can each day, Just waiting to hear from her. But she has a Life and A Real man to keep her Occupied. When I See a new message from her, I Cant explain the Joy i feel, The excitement that rushes Over me. 

When I Think Of Princess Adrienne and all her Beauty, I know serving at her feet is all I deserve. My tiny dick couldnt Satisfy any woman. She is now Making me Wear my ex Girlfriends Panties from now on, as a eminder that I am not only a Sissy, But a loser who cant keep a Girlfriend and Doesnt deserve to get laid anyways because my Dick is so small and Worthless. Im also not aloud to Wear Boxers over my Panties anymore. Its been about 12 days Now since ive been wearing this thong and Since the last time I came. And I have a feeling its going to be Alot longer then that before im ever alound to wear boys underwere or Cum again. And As pathetic as It may sound, I am greatful to Princess Adrienne for taking control of my Loser life and setting me Straight. She has put me in my Place, Beneith her, Serving her, Being her Slave. 

So thank you Princess, You give my pathetic life meaning 

Your loser Slave, 


Haha! This loser is becoming one of my favorites! He doesn't know this yet Wink but even though he's learned to be such a good boy by not touching his useless clitdick, I still want him to eventually start wearing an actual chastity device. I'm going to have a little key to add on to my keychains! 

Anyway, my Niteflirt IGNORE LINE will be on all night: 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Who likes drinking games?? ;) +pics

Tonight is a Ciroc kinda night! It's my mans birthday tomorrow so we'll be celebrating extra hard this weekend! If you losers are lucky you might catch me online at some point... drinking games anyone?? Wink 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Gotta love the weekend! $$$

Had a great night chatting with a new boy after getting drunk as hell at my boyfriends house, lol. I loveee loopy vodka, it's my all time favorite. If you havent tried it, you need to! Anyway, I chilled on cam in my boyfriends PJ's eating chips and talking to this loser who ended up sending me $500 for it. I guess I found another true financial sub, and that makes me happy! Smile After the $500 he was still offering me more money to stay up longer with him but at that point I was getting tired so I turned it down and passed out in my mans bed like a motherfucking bo$$. Lol! I love being ME <3