Friday, November 8, 2013

Female supremacy & Female financial slaves

I had a dream last night that I was offered servitude by a female financial sub. She tributed me $69 (lol what?) and then contacted me, expressing her desire to become my finslave and asking if she could take me on a shopping trip. That's basically all I can remember from the dream, other than the fact that I was thrilled at the prospect of gaining a female financial slave. Now I'm wondering, why was I so thrilled? Maybe because female financial slaves (real ones, not clip slaves) are practically nonexistent (I've heard there was one, once. I don't know how useful she really was financially or if she was mostly just a fan of the Dommes at the time) so it would be different and interesting to own one. Also, because I view women as inherently superior to men in general, owning a female slave would probably give me an ego trip way greater to that of owning any male.

Is it contradictory that, as a female supremacist, I'd love to own a female as a slave? Is it sexist to believe that women could even properly serve as slaves, or that I would accept them as such? Not even as sex slaves or as cute little french maid types, but really as the lowest of the low. A financial slave. A humiliated, degraded, dehumanized, yet still swollen and aching and begging for more, WALLET, spread open and on it's knees for me. That is no place for a woman, is it? Of course not. That's why I would own one with a sense of accomplishment that I can't really feel for you stupid male perverts. You dumb drooling sluts are so common and easy, slavery to women is your birthright. Slavery to ME is your earned PRIVILEGE.

So, no, it is not contradictory to my beliefs at all.

Yes it is true that I see ALL women as being inherently superior to men, or at least as having THE POTENTIAL TO BE. Unfortunately, many women don't realize or live up to their full potential. However, I still recognize it as being there, no matter how deeply and unfortunately buried somewhere within them. That obviously doesn't mean that I believe all women are equal to each other! Of course they're not! Just like there are beta and alpha males, there are also beta and alpha females. Beta bitch boys are the bottom of the barrel. Owning a beta female would at least be a couple steps up, succeeding beta and alpha males. This is My Queendom. Learn your place in the hierarchy.

But it seems like even beta sub girls aren't even remotely as pathetic as any of you "high-powered alpha males" out there, because I have yet to have a girl come to me begging with cash in her quivering hands.

Oh well, a Princess can dream. Especially since my dreams tend to come true. ;)

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