Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The destruction of arab ismail

What is it about me that keeps managing to capture so many arabs and muslims? Is it that there are just SO many of them in the world who secretly wish they could submit to a beautiful white Goddess like myself? Or is it because I know so well how to get into their dirty pig minds and put them in their places? It must be a combination of both. I know exactly how to strip them of their long-practiced facade of male dominance and put them into positions so degrading that I can be sure they will NEVER forget it.

I've been ruining arab ismail for just a couple of days so far. Here's a sample of some of the spoils.

Of course that's not all. He's also been buying up clips like a maniac and watching them obsessively in between sessions with me. He begs me to fuck him up more and more, even though his stupid wife is probably getting suspicious.

So what has arab ismail done for me so far? Well in between sneaking off to Skype me from the bathroom while his wife sleeps, and Skyping me from his office, he rented a hotel room to be able to session with me undisturbed, while telling his wife that he would be home late because he was going to attend a "prayer meeting." LOL. Poor brown beta bitch had no idea he was meeting to pray to ME. She even tried calling him when I ended up keeping him out at the hotel longer than he had expected his "prayer meeting" to last. I tried having him call her back and putting her on speakerphone but unfortunately the reception was too bad in his shithole of a country.

Little did she know that I was stripping her fat, bald, bearded husband of any shred of dignity he would ever hope to maintain. I had ordered him to bring a pair of his wifes dirty panties, a quran and other religious symbols, and I had him order 8 shots of vodka from room service since this pathetic muslim had never drank alcohol before. He showed up wearing some religious vest, with prayer beads, the aforementioned items as well as some object that he said was used to brush his teeth. This dirty bitch could not get enough abuse from me, he didn't even manage to choke down half the vodka and I already had him wearing his wifes dirty panties, spitting on his stupid beads, stripping himself naked and singing prayers to me over and over on his knees. He was worried about his wife smelling vodka on his breath so I made him stick his arab toothbrush up his ass and then brush every one of his teeth with it, and then stick it up his ass farther and brush his tongue as well, before spitting out his vodka-and-shit smelling saliva right onto the quran.

Could this towelhead get any more degraded?? Of course he could! And so he did. He might have been starting to feel drunk at this point, because for some reason he opened the quran and started reading from it. Since his pathetic short dick was so hard and aching from worshipping me, and I didn't want to hear about what his shitty religion had to say, I made him slap his dick right onto that page that he was reading from. I made him repeatedly slap the words of allah with his dick, and then shut the quran closed around his dick and jerk off in it. It was so funny to hear him beg me not to make him do it, as his pre-cum dribbled out all over his stupid sacred book. He's lucky I didn't allow him to cum!! He said he was so ashamed he wanted to run away. LOL. But of course he couldn't resist. Can you blame him?

I love this picture of me!!

He begged me to let him stay out all night and not go home at all, even though he had to take his son to the mosque in the morning. I sent him home with further instructions and told him to Skype me from outside of the mosque. Unfortunately I was sleeping at this point and missed his call. Oh well, next time!!!

He made up for it today when I caught him stopping at a store on his way home from work. I had him call me from a public parking lot and I made him lower all the windows of his car, turn on the lights, and sing his prayers to me as well as yelling such gems as "I'm a dirty muslim pig" and "I cum in my quran" while people passed by and looked over at him. He begged for me to mindfuck him even harder.

Of course, you know I will.

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