Monday, November 11, 2013

Great day back on cam!!

"Have you ever cuckolded someone before?"
"Umm... not that they knew of."


I'm still laughing from all the fun I had using and abusing you sluts today. I haven't done any real cam sessions (other than ignore sessions) in a while now, so now that I'm mostly over my sinus/ear infection I had losers lining up to tribute and entertain me! Aw, did you miss me? Well, I'm sure posting this pic didn't help much, did it? ;)

Lets see if I can remember everbody. First there was the loser who wanted a cuckold session. He actually thought that I was a virgin! Lol! I made him try and guess how many dicks I've fucked and he didn't even come close! That's ok loser, you're not the only one who thinks I'm innocent. :)

Then some extremely hairy bitch paid me to worship my feet. Seriously, this guy looked like some kind of werewolf. He was COVERED in FUR. I was kind enough to give him a cum countdown at the end of our session. He was literally SHAKING by this point! Lol! He neatly placed a folded napkin above his dick before the countdown, and then after getting to 1 the dumbass proceeded to squirt his nasty globs of loser gunk all over his chest, stomach and legs. Hahaha what a dirty whore! He continued yanking on his limp dick and I made him grab and squeeze his balls while his jizz dripped and dried up all over his nasty body. I told him to go clean himself off. I hope he took a shower!!

Some other boys came to worship my feet too. My feet were very popular today!

Another loser sent me a small tribute through Niteflirt and I kindly accepted his offer to cam with me even though he was clearly a broke bitch and his tribute didn't amount to much. I accepted because he said he was a humiliation slut and I told him that he'd better do something REALLY humiliating for me for the favor of even being allowed to. Well he failed. I asked him what he was going to do to amuse me and all he had to offer was "I can dribble on my chin." LOL what an idiot! I let him drool on himself and then asked him if he was drunk.
"Is the beer bottle behind you full?"
"Go get a full one."
"I don't have any more."
"What do you have in your refrigerator right now?"
"Nothing. I just moved here"
Wtf? So you're sessioning with me before buying food. Well, priorities, right?
Anyway, I was able to figure out that this moron owned a razor (but no shaving cream) and I told him to shave off his gross 70s porno moustache. He refused, saying that "it's hot." He did, however, agree to shave his leg and then eat his own leg hair. You know you're a sissy bitch when you'd rather shave your legs than your nasty moustache! It WASN'T HOT. And now you have patchy faggy slut legs so NOTHING ABOUT YOU IS HOT. Then he asked to see my feet (my feet are hot) and I could tell he was clearly jerking it so I told him that he wasn't allowed to cum to my feet and I shut off my cam because he didn't deserve it.

spitboy jim also came back today, after saying about a month ago that he wasn't going to be online anymore because he decided he needed to start spending his money more wisely and he wanted to be able to save up for a second house or some crap. He spent about $550 so far and it's not over yet because I still have this big bottle of spit and backwash ready to mail out for him to drink for me. You wouldn't want my delicious saliva to go to waste now would you Jim? Of course you wouldn't. That's why you're coming back to drink it for me and of course send me more of that down payment for that house! Lol! Little by little...

I get what I want.

loser jay randomly appeared, asking if he could purchase a pair of my worn pantyhose with a $50 giftcard. I told him no, and honestly I don't feel like any of you losers deserve to be able to purchase any worn items of mine. You don't deserve to smell my panties and you don't even deserve to smell my sweaty feet!! He sent me the $50 anyway and I combined it with other giftcards to get the new Clarisonic Mia 2 off My Amazon Wishlist to deep clean my perfect skin every day in the shower! Isn't that better than mailing a pair of pantyhose? I think so! Good boy, jay.

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