Friday, November 1, 2013

Small update!

Things I do when I'm sick:
1. Cuddle in bed with my cat and eat junk food.
2. Delete random people who are ugly from my Facebook page. Obviously I'm referring to my personal page here. If you like My Facebook Fan Page you won't be deleted if you're ugly, seeing as how most of you probably are (I don't know, I don't look at your pages).
3. Write blogs.

Right now I'm doing 2 of those 3 things. Guess which two.

So a lot has happened since my last blog update in May, both in my personal life which most of you aren't privileged enough to know the details of, and in my online life. I had a super fun summer in my new city, going to new places, meeting new friends and enjoying the absolute freedom that comes along with being an independent clip producer (AKA one smart and sexy bitch). Despite being almost completely inactive online during the entire summer, my clip studios have been growing and gaining fans and many of my clips from My Clips4Sale Studio have reached the toplists in their category. I've been having fun experimenting with different styles of lighting, editing, and different scripts and storylines. My most popular clips always seem to be my hypno or mind control themed clips, which I'm very pleased about because hypnosis has always been one of the fetishes that's interested me the most, and another thing I've been doing while I've been sick is browsing around the Inraptured community and reading up on different hypnosis methods and styles! If only I weren't partially deaf at the moment...

There's nothing like starting off November with a terrible sinus and double ear infection to remind me that summer is over, as well as the month of My Birthday and my favorite holiday (Halloween, duh!)

This means one thing: time to start harvesting new slaves to make sure I stay entertained through the winter! Since I'll be stuck in the house for a while, I'm going to need A LOT of extra pampering and amusement to keep myself happy! If you don't have a Niteflirt account to purchase my chat ids or my slave application, you can submit yourself through my email to Submissions for long-term slavery should of course be done with a detailed introductory email following a tribute or giftcard. I also take single or repeat session-only subs. Requests to arrange sessions can be sent to the same email address and are allowed to be requested without an initial tribute.

As for slavery applicants, it's really a shame that Amazon gifts can't be trusted as first-time tributes. I think they really are the best way of determining a subs potential usefulness. For example, recently I had some loser request to buy me something off My Amazon Wishlist and then decide that there was nothing he wanted to buy for me because at the time there were "only books" on it. The gifts a sub chooses (or doesn't choose) to buy really reflects a lot more on him as a potential slave than any monetary tribute could. Would you choose an item that's meaningful, an item that I would use regularly, an item that would stimulate my mind and inspire my creativity, an item that would be used for MY PLEASURE more than your own, a sexy item that would be used for ME and MY boyfriends pleasure only? Or would you choose the tacky costume lingerie or the 7" heels that I would never wear in public, just because you think it's hot, even though I'll only wear it to play around in a few clips or cam and then be done with it? Personally, I would choose the potential slave who gifts me a $10 book over one who gifts me a $100 stripper outfit. I'd still be getting $100+ out of either of them eventually anyway. ;)

That's it for now! I'm going to have some tea, and rest up for all the new exploits I have coming (including a shopping session soon with a new hopeful RT slave)!
Make yourself useful.

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